Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Is a Glory Hole

Ok, im investigating this here glory hole what they got outside tha security place.  Now its a simple board what is mounted in a vertical position with a hole in it.  Now you look throught it frum one side and you see tha front gate and you look through it frum tha other side and ya see tha judge's house.
Now what ya suppose they do with this?  I mean it aint of no practical use cuz you ken see tha gate just fine without it.  OH!  maybe its place you ken hide and see who is comming through tha gate?
Nothing comes out of tha hole what I ken see.  Now i got me down and looked throught that hole several times and I caint figure out just what its good fur or what ya supposta be looking at.
Now if any buddy has any ideas what this contraption does?   Well just let me know so we ken tell the rest of tha folks what the deal is.

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