Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Haller ween

Happy haller ween to y'all.  Now i got me sum decorations what i put up around mah Road Kill Kafe and Beer Dillo.  Now we all know that my beer dillo is a lot more cozy than that other Beer Dillo yonder what is gonna have tha Hallerween party but i ain't no spoil sport so i gonna go yonder to that haller ween party with mah witch costume what i got.

Now here is sum pictures what I made of mah haller ween decorations and mah witch costume what i got.

This here is a picture at tha side of my beer dillo what has a spooky lookin grave and this here guy what has a pumpkin on his head.  They is also a ghost flyin over what Missy Lacey added.  Notice also that they is three graves here but dont worry they is just fur decoration since its haller ween and all.

Now this here picture is of a fancy planter what i found what looks like a big skull but is in reality a planter what i put a bannana plant in.   Now it funny that they claim this here is a bannana republick and the only bannana plant in tha whole country is that one ah sticking out of my planter but then they is a lotta funny things going on around this here place.

Now this here is a strange thing what i found what has a mattress and pumpkins and such.  They is also some red stuff on tha mattress and a knife ah stickin in tha thing.  ((this is a fully functional sex bed in case your interested in having a sexual encounter in a spooky graveyard scene))

Now i thought i would just show you sum of tha modern conveniences what have been installed in my beer dillo.  I got me a dish washer and a clothes washer.  Now we ken clean tha dishes and silverware once in a while.

Now y'all have a safe haller ween and reckon i gonna see you at tha haller ween party what they got over yonder at tha other beer dillo what ain't mine.

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