Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moose Begins Her Journey Back To Glint

Moose hears that there are chores and "civil duties" to perform in Glint.  She packs for Glint but she needs some sort of transportation.

Here is Moose, still in BBWorld:
"Emm, Here i is at the junk yard what they got over here at tha bbworld.  Well, they got sum nice junk here.  Oh! tha reason I is here?  Well thats easy cuz i is here lookin fur lumber what I can build me a raft with.  Yep!  I is going back to Glint as soon as i get ma raft built and fasten a sail to her."

Moose finds materials for her raft.  Here is Moose as she is putting the raft in the water:

"Oh ma raft is done and i is about ta set sail.  Now I figure if I ken get ta gor from here I might be able to stowe away on that boat Sir Hammer is using ta get back and to frum Glint.  Any buddy know which direction Gor is in?"
Moose sits in the raft, waves, and sets sail but will she ever be able to find Glint again?
Moose sails for what seems a long time and she arrives at an island.  Tired and hungry, our moose secures her raft and gets out looking for food.  Now what Moose does not realize is she got off at a place called "help island"
Moose speaks:

"This here island dont look nothing like Glint!  Wonder where i is at?  Well i gonna just look ma self around and see what they is ta see"

"Well this is different.  Look at this here snapshot what I took?  Well its got this big round thing what sum buddy wuz draggin around tha island.  This here place is populated by people what they call new bees.  Not sure exactly where these here new bees is frum?  But they sure is doin sum funny things."

Moose continues her exploration and makes another discovery.  Very excited Moose speaks about it:

"Lookie at what I found!  I found me a free house!  Yep!  See tha sign what says free house?  Now tha problem is they aint room on ma raft fur this house so how is I gonna get it over yonder to Glint?  Reckon it floats?  Oh well, I guess I best be gettin sum vittles, supplies, snoozin, then be on ma way at day break.

Moose buys supplies, has a meal, then is on her way again sailing away in her raft the next morning.  She again travels for some time but there is trouble.  Our moose runs on the rocks and her raft sinks.  Moose, shaken up, is safe but soaked head to toe. 

"Oh my!  Ma raft is sank!  I is gonna have ta save what I ken and see if they is a place what has the stuff i is needin ta fix this here raft.  Well, emm, I guess I is spendin tha night here at this place what they call fearly.  Kinda gives me a spooky feelin staying in a place called fear but  its just a name right?

Moose drags her raft out of the water and up to a nearby beach house.  Our moose walks up to the door and knocks.

"Emm, Is any buddy home?  I is Moose and I is kinda shipwrecked here.  Ken sum buddy help me fix up ma raft so I ken be on ma way?  Oh and even better if ya could tell me how ta get to this place what they call Glint"
Are the homeowners home?  Will they help our Moose?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moose at BBWorld and Marie Loses her Clothes in Glint

It was a busy weekend for our Moose and for Marie.  Recall that Moose traveled to BBWorld at the same time that Marie, a voo doo witch from New Orleans arrived in Glint.
So far, Marie has been holding her cover as a traveler.  In fact it seems she may be enjoying herself as she did not protest too much when her clothes were taken by a Master named "Sir io".  She has been quietly using her magic and has found that there are others who practice  magic in the area.  While magic is outlawed in Glint, there are those who use it for entertainment rather than for attack.  Marie's power and that of the other magicians there are well beyond entertainment however.
Here is Moose with some details she has learned from BBWorld.  After we hear from her we will look in on Marie.
"Emm, how dee its me moose?  Well I is here at BBWorld lookin around ta see what they is ta see and I figured I would pass that on to you.  I found this nice dance place? and sum nice things ta do here just fur relaxin!  Yep.  They got this here beach club what has dancin on tha beach.  Looky here at tha snapshot i got"
"Here they got a nice bar what has drinks and sum bar dancin.  They aint got no powls so they aint no powl dancin here.  Now they do got this dance they call line dance where every buddy just lines up and kicks around like they is hoppin on one foot or sum thin.  Course they got couple dancin too fur cheek ta cheek snuggle dancin too.

Now i is gonna take ya to the place behind tha beach club where they got a nice place ta just fool around at.  Now here i is just foolin around buildin a sand castle what wuz fun to do.  Next I is gonna take ya to ma place what I is renting ta show ya another place ta be and relax."

"Now this here is ma duck pond?  It has ducks in it what swim around.  Now It would be fun ta just sit here and fish but they aint no fish in this here pond.  Now I suppose i could go through the motions of fishing and like pretend they is fish and I is catchin em but it would be more fun if they wuz real fish dont ya see? 
Now back at Glint behind ma spooky house they had this river  what had fish  I could catch and they wuz good fur eatin..  Course tha spooky house aint there no more but tha river is so I could still catch fish cuz Z lives there now and me and Z is friends what play around together and im sure he wouldn't mind me fishin near his house there.  Now that Z is an interestin feller?  He is kinda hunched over so they call him a hunchback but that aint nice cuz he can't help bein bent over like that.  He drools a lot but it aint nothing to wipe it off. 
Well thats it fur now here at tha BBWorld.  I miss tha folks at Glint sum thin awful but they aint no way to get back just yet.  Now I got there once so I ken get there again if I can remember how I done it."
Our Moose is obviously missing doing her "civil duties" at Glint.  Moose isnt the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree but she is determined.  Perhaps we should have another vote to let Moose know how we feel about her leaving Glint and if we want her back?

Ok now to Marie.  Marie arrived in Glint about the same time Moose left.  She is shown here in her current state naked.  She seems to have found some company from a group called the "Sisterhood" 

Now Marie is wearing a Mama Allpa hud which means she is fertile.  We remember Mama Allpa from Moose's account in an earlier blog.  The Hud provides the full experience of having a baby and only costs the modest price of the hud which is under 250 lindens.  Others will charge for examination and delivery however the Mama Allpa system has a one time fee for the hud.  Examinations and delivery of the baby are included in the hud price.  Mama allpa staff are dedicated and motivated by the desire to role play pregnancy and delivery rather than "cash in" on SL residents desire to have virtual babies.

Our "traveler" Marie seems to be quite curvy.  She is in the plump range and could be considered a bbw.  One master has already described her as "breeder material".

 Marie is educated and a bit more articulate than Moose.  Her curiosity however has already caused her trouble.  She was asking about the no panty law in Glint.  One does not question authority in Glint.

Marie is asking everyone if they have seen Master Hammer.  How does she know Hammer?  I dont think she  wants to meet him again as word is he will arrest her.   She may be safe because word is Hammer is visiting a place called Gor.  If only the trade winds would pick up!  As soon is the wind is strong enough Marie plans to sail off to her next destination.

As you recall in Moose's account above  she mentions building a sand castle.    Below Marie also builds a sand castle as a girl named "the villiage bike" watches.  By the way vb, as they call her, is also aquainted with our Moose and mentioned something about needing the taxi service back.  The villiage bike describes herself as a well behaved girl in fact the best behaved girl in all of Glint.  Marie says she is so innocent how can she be anything but well behaved.  Hmm, she obviously does NOT know our vb!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Moose Explores BBWorld

Our Moose has started to explore bbworld.  She found a rodeo!  Now here is our Moose riding a bull.  She did quite well in the rodeo setting new records!
Moose has met some new people at bbw.  In case you are not familiar with the term bbw, it means big beautiful women.   Moose also tried some dancing on the pole at a near by biker bar.  I suppose the seated gentleman was entertained however he seems rather quiet and not looking at our Moose's performance.

Lets see what Moose has to say about her adventures in her own words:

"Emm, this here road e oh is kinda fun."  laughs "Fortunately ma butt is well padded fur when i get bucked off this here bull tha shock of landin aint so bad.  Now mind tha horns though if you ever think of ridin one of these here bulls cuz they is kinda sharp and pointy lookin."
"I got ta dance on a powl?  Yep!  I got ta powl dance at this here bar what they call a biker bar but you know sum thin?  They weren't bike one nowhere!  Now I did seen this guy wut might be a biker but he didnt got no bike and i think them bikers wear leather jackets or sum thin?  Well he didnt have no jacket at all."
"They got a dance club too what i went to but they werent friendly like the folks back at Glint wuz."
Moose sighs.

Meanwhile back at Glint, Marie Laveau arrives to explore.   Are there other witches at Glint?  Marie arrives disguised as a "world traveler".  She has weapons similar to the others at Glint but she also has a large and dangerous arsenel of magic.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moose Displaced Again

Once again our Moose's home is taken.  She returns to find her home gone and this structure in its place.  Our moose laments:

"Well I is homeless again.  I fixed me up this nice place what is gone now so I reckon I get the message.  I gotta make ma home sum place else where I ken  build me my own place what no buddy ken take."
Our moose once again packs her suitcase but this time is able to slip on board a ship and makes it to a place called bbworld.  She builds there.a rather large and confortable home but she misses Glint.

"Emm I got me this land at bbworld what i put a house on?  Well its really nice and i aint gonna have ta worry about no buddy taking it frum me as long as i ken pay tha rent ya know?  But I already kinda miss tha folks over at Glint but at least i got me a place ta lay ma head down."
Moose sighs looks out at the surf and listens to the rythum of the ocean,  then goes to her comfy bed and lays down for a nap.

Is Moose's Dark Den adventure over?  What will happen next to our Moose?  Stay tuned as Moose discovers bbworld.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moose Reports a Failed Suicide Attempt

((this is sick humor but sometimes sick humor amuses moose's typist))

Moose reports that she knows an unfortuate person who complains they never have any luck.  Moose speaks:
"Emm, well ma friend was havin a string of bad luck.  Nothing wuz workin out fur him.  He just couldnt seem ta do anythin right so he decided to end it all.

To be sure that he was successful in his suicide  he poured gasoline on himself, tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other to a tree.  He then swallowed poison , lit the gasoline, and ran off the cliff.
As he ran off tha cliff the fire burned through the rope so he fell into  the salt water below.  The water  put tha fire out.  As he thrashed about, he  swallowed salt water what caused him ta throw up tha poison.  All tha commotion alerted a fisherman near by what rescued him from tha water."
Moose ponders
"Now frum this here experience?  I would have to say that luck wuz kinda related to ya point of view!  God duz love ya and sum times luck is a blessin even when it seems like a curse.  You has that choice of finding tha bright side of things or looking fur tha dark side.  Seems they is more folks around what will help ya find tha dark side.  Wuts up with that? "

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moose Approaches Day 30 Waiting for a Response From Second Life

Ladies, Gentlemen, girls, and bois!  Today our Moose has a revalation regerding the reasons why she has not heard from Second Life Support regarding her inability to login. 

Remember that she was rescued by her RL Mistress known as Miss Kathy or simply Kat and can now access second life but not because of second life support!  It has been a month and no word from them.  One would think they were not concerned about their customers at all.  In fact one would surmise that they have no intention of assisting our Moose with her inquiry even though, as far as they know, she cannot access Second Life.   It is perhaps because of lack of interest or simply incompetence that nothing has happened. 

From this our Moose has made what she thinks is a discovery that she wishes to share:

"Emm, well I has been waitin fur over a month now fur  them SL folks ta get my RL reputer ta get me online so I ken do ma civil duty in Glint and such?  Well i has figured sum thin out frum ma experiences in Gor!  SECOND LIFE IS RAN BY GOREANS!  YEP!  thats wut i figured out cuz the Goreans aint to brite and got no respect fur no buddy.  Well I figure that is why I been waiting fur so long ta get a response frum them Second Life folks!  They is Goreans what aint got a damn clue!  Now is they a third life avaiable? Cuz at tha rate Second Rate Life is goin they is gonna be outta business soon."
And that concludes the message from Moose.  One other thing of note however is there has been rumor of a Witch in Glint.   Her name is believed to be Marie Laveau who is a voo doo witch from New Orleans La. in the USA.  This witch is extremely dangerous and uses magic to attack and run.  She is approximately seven feet tall, white complexion, wearing a blue Witches hat and what appears to be a blue cape.  She carries a staff which she uses to focus her magic.  Be aware she claims to ge a "Good" witch but that remains to be seen.

thats 30 for now

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moose Follows Her Sweetheart to Gor and Barely Escapes With Her Life

Moose missed her sweetheart Sir Hammer and found him leaving in a ship.  She stowed away on board and followed him to his destinatioin.  The destination was Gor!
Our moose followed Hammer as he went deeper into the Gorean villiage to a castle.  She slipped quietlly up the hill along side the walls of the castle to get closer to him. 

Moose took a picture of her sweet heart who had a naked slave girl at his side.  As our Moose was taking the pictures, shown here,  she was attacked in OOC by a rather untalented role player.( I say untalented because he made no attempt to rp the situation but rather begain with the ((comments )) rather than im and used ooc eject powers rather than attempt to rp the situation out.  No evidence of talent whatsoever. )
 He accused her of climbing the wall which was not the case as she was following the land.   Notice behind moose to her right (your left) that there is clearly a land ledge to the top of the castle wall.  She simply crossed the bridge and followed the land ledge up to her sweetheart Hammer.  By the way Hammer just stood there and said nothing as Moose was attacked.  This seems common for him as he stood by while she was shot in the back defending Glint from the evil Bandit.
The reason Moose was able to reach the inside of the castle wall was because the builder of the castle was a bit careless leaving a land ledge leading up to the wall.  (Of course we know our Moose is over 300 lbs and could never actually climb a wall!).
Ok here is the picture of Hammer hanging with the Goreans:
He is attempting to disguise himself but our Moose followed him from Glint so this is proof positive he is a spy and should be hanged by his "talley wacker" as our Moose calls it.

Here is a mug shot of the subject Gorean who used OOC Eject on our Moose.  The fall could have been fatal so he should be charged with attempted murder or at least Moose abuse.   If seen in Glint call authorities immediately and have him arrested, given a fair trial, and hanged by his tally wacker.

Here is Moose,  safe again,  to tell her story:

"Emm, well as ya all know I went and got me this here Gorean outfit?  Well wut I didn't tell ya wuz I got it so I could faller ma sweetie, Hammer ta see if he wuz really a Gorean spy person." 
Moose sobs.

"Well he is!  He is a Gorean spy person!  I seen it fur ma self what he was.  He is in with them thick as thieves" 

Moose changes her expression to fear

"Oh! and them Goreans is out ta kill, let me tell you!  This here Gorean guy he thrown me off tha castle wall, Yep!"
(actually he could have role played that but,  as we mentioned earlier,  talent was not evident in his actions)

"Well i gotta tell Miss Ladee Maam, err I mean Missy Yachtzee, oh oh no, its Ya zee?  Oh welll I gotta tell sum buddy a fore Hammer and his buddies cum here and cause trouble!  Yep!  So watch tha Hammer cuz he is a Gorean Warrior spy person out ta cause no good.  Now if ya'll will excuse me i gotta find a security ossifer.  Never a cop when ya need one!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moose Investigates the Glint Laundry

How dee!  Its me! Moose?   Remember me?  I wuz showing ya around Glint before they took ma spooky house?  Well now I is gonna re zoom  ma tour what I started before.  Now things is changed since I started tha tour so they is lots ta show ya starting with this here lawn dee matt.  Yep!  they got a lawn dee matt right here in Glint!
One strange thing?  I is looking inside on tha first floor where they do they lawn dee but they is sum thin wrong!  Well if you lookie here you ken see they has tha lawn dee  fur tha men? 

 But over yonder on tha other side?  They got this sign what says females but they aint not one stitch of clothing no where ta be found! Now whut  you make of that?  Oh! oh! and they need ta take the trash out sum thin awful!  Lookie at tha garbage bags with flies all around tha place.

Now I just figured out sum thin!  Men is supposta take tha garbage out and they never put they lawn dee up so it figures that the women done came and put they lawn dee up and is waiting fur tha men ta come get theirs and to take tha trash out.  Yep!  Thats probably it, just waitin on tha men folk ta get they lawn dee, put it up and take tha trash out just like back home.
Now they is more to this place upstairs.  I found this stairs leading up and went up there ta find they got sum desks and books and stuff.  Not sure what its fur but tha desk chairs is nice and comfy.
Well thats tha lawn dee matt.  Y'all cum back fur more Glint places what they got.to see.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Moose Makes Another Home In Glint

Emm, well how dee its me Moose?
Well I got me another place to stay now.  They got these shipping containers what they dont use because of the embarko?  Well I got me one and found some wood and sum crates and stuff and made me a nice little home over here behind tha beer dillo.  Yep!
And OH! I is helping out tha owner of tha castle what took tha place of ma spooky house.  Turns out its non other then Vi and her master.  They is gonna fix it up real nice.  They is really nice folks and is letting z build a place near by. 
I got me a bed and stove and even a nice desk ta write on.  They is a sittin place and well it aint as big as tha spooky house but its home fur now.  I am getting hungry and i am thinking of sum rabbit stew.  In fact they is a rabbit right there!  Hmm, If y'all will excuse me?  I gotta go rabbit huntin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moose Fallen On Hard Times but Is Given Shelter

Moose returns to Glint to resume her taxi service and was caught wearing shoes by Master Hammer of the Glint Security Force.  She attempted to explain that she needed shoes to operate the heavy carriage.  Instead of understanding her plight, the officer was rude and remarked about her weight then demanded her shoes.  Moose tried not to show how hurt she was at the comments made as she has a secret crush on Sir Hammer.  She meekly surrendered her shoes.
Forced to operate the taxi without shoes, Moose soon was unable to continue pulling the carriage and had to park it.
Good news for Moose was that one of the citizens took pity on her and invited her to their home.  Moose is spending the nite at Gera's home near where her "Spooky House" once was. 
Moose enters the home after politely knocking several times.  As she did have permission to say in the home, she tests the door and finds it unlocked.  She opens the door, announces herself,  and looks about but  sees no one and touches nothing as that would be rude.  Moose looks through the house, being curious, and finds a large couch and cozy fire in the livingroom.  She hears a creeking noise and goes upstairs to find a large bed and an empty bassinet gently rocking on the floor.
Moose then sees there is a door leading to an upper deck and goes outside to take in the grand view of Glint.  
Moose is exhausted and suffering  from injuries to her feet caused by pulling her carriage barefoot.  Moose manages to prepare her favorite meal, possum pot pie, and then sets up her cot on the  floor downstairs.
As our Moose drifts off to sleep she says a little prayer:  "Thank you lard fur Missy Gera what let me stay in her  house what is nice and cozy"
Moose dreams of her sweetheart, Hammer,  forgetting his rudeness and pretending he was nice to her instead of being cruel.  She dreams of dancing with him as all of Glint watches in envy.  Soon Moose is snoring with a big smile on her face.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homeless Moose Continues to Explore

Emm, how dee its me Moose?
Well I lost ma place what I wuz living in and now is a wandering around lookin fur a place ta get out of the weather.  Now I found this here tent? And I made me a nice fire so I ken stay warm so I'm ok fur now.
I miss ma old spooky house though.  I had plans ta patch the holes and give her a little paint so she wouldnt look so spooky and maybe not make them strange noises what she was ah making.
I left Glint and found ma way over to Nayeli  what is where I seen that pirates ship a while ago what had tha gold on it? and   I got that gold hid good so no buddy is gonna find it.
Anyway I'm staying here in Nayeli  fur now and doin sum hunting fur food and maybe sum fishing ya know?  Its really nice and peaceful here and it aint too bad sleeping here on tha ground in ma tent.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moose's House in Glint Is Taken

Poor Moose comes back from exploring to find that her "Spooky House" has been taken up and a Castle is in its place.  Moose's reaction:  Moose Sobs and says the following.....
"I can't believe ma house is gone.  It wuz a nice old house, just needed a little paint is all.  Why would they wanna take down tha spooky house?  I mean it had all them nice creature comforts like a gym and spa and such.  I know it had sum noises but them was just cuz of tha wind.  Oh yeah and they said it wuz haunted but I didnt see ghost one!"
  Moose continues to lament ......
"Why? why?  Where will i go now?  Tha spooky house wuz ma home"
Moose looks around for  her suitcase.  She finds it and picks it up, puts her things in it, closes the latch,  then slings it over her shoulder and wanders off sniffling.
Moose continues
...."Well, I had sum good times there in ma spooky house and she wuz a comfort to me when i was on tha mend after i wuz attacked by them varments.  I made many a good meal there and the spooky house wuz a good friend."
Moose looks back in the direction of where the spooky house was and continues.....
"Good bye ole friend"
Moose breaks down and crys but continues to walk.  Where will she go?  What will she do?  Well one thing is for certain!  Once again, tha moose is on tha loose.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Moose Enjoying an Evening at Her Residence in Glint

Well, emm, how dee!  This here is ma place at Glint.  I just finished off a tastey possum pie I cooked.  Now I wuz over to tha Gatherin Spot while ma possum wuz a cooking?  I almost let her cook too long cuz I wuz having fun visiting with ma friends there.  Now I did offer ta share tha possum with ma friends?  But they wuz not hungry.
This is sure a nice table and sturdy chair.  I could have dinner fur four if i had another chair and some more food, and  sum more plates and OH! three more people!  Nothing ta do tonight and every buddy is in bed though they aint all sleeping if you know what I mean?  They passed another law in Glint (fancy that) what says I can't wear no shoes and that i can't have no protection against having no babies.  Well I aint gotta worry about having no babies but ma feet sure hurt when i running the taxi.  My feet is hurting now  so Im gonna just sit back here and relax at tha spooky house as tha wind sings music through the old walls. 

Y'all cum back, hear?

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Found Another Ship Just Outside tha Gate!

Yep!  Remember when I told ya about that there pirate ship over yonder?  Well I think they may be another one just outside tha Glint Gates.  Now it ain't got no pirate flag or nuthin but it sure looks spooky.  Notice its got horns!  Oh! Oh!  I get it!  That makes sense ta have a horny ship since most all tha residents in Glint is horny.  I made a funny, hehe.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This Here Is A Test Ta Find If You Is Ready Fur Tha Retirement Home

Retiree Bathtub Test

During a visit to tha doctor, this here ladee asked , "How do you determine whether or not a retiree should be put in an old age home?"
"Well," he said, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the retiree and ask him or her to empty the bathtub"
"Oh, I understand," tha ladee said. "A normal person would use the bucket because it is bigger than the spoon or the teacup."
"No" he said. "A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?"

So if you wuz thinkin either tha spoon, tha teacup, or tha bucket and not tha plug then you might be ready fur tha rockin chair at tha old folks home. 

Now I thought just getting out of tha tub and turning it over would be tha best way cuz thats tha way we did it back home when we had our yearly bath out back.   I ain't ready fur no rocker, nope! 
I is off my rocker fur now.
Now y'all be good till next time. 
((Credits: I took this from an email and modified it for moose, it isnt original but the author of the original version is not known))

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Gate at Tha Dark Den Entrance

How Dee!  Its me!  Moose?
Well I just wanted to let ya know they got this gate over to tha Dark Den what has lectricity in it.  Yep.   If you ain't care full  you ken get zapped and knocked kleen on ya assets. 
What I wanted ta tell ya is they did away with them narrow gates what was always zapping me.  Emm, don't know if ya noticed but i'm a little wider than the other's here and that combined with lag led ta me gettin zapped more than my share of times.
So now the gate is nice and wide fur us full size girls ta get through.  Well all I ken say is thanks to Miss Ladee Maam fur considering us what is a bit wider than others by putting in a wider gate up front.