Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Gate at Tha Dark Den Entrance

How Dee!  Its me!  Moose?
Well I just wanted to let ya know they got this gate over to tha Dark Den what has lectricity in it.  Yep.   If you ain't care full  you ken get zapped and knocked kleen on ya assets. 
What I wanted ta tell ya is they did away with them narrow gates what was always zapping me.  Emm, don't know if ya noticed but i'm a little wider than the other's here and that combined with lag led ta me gettin zapped more than my share of times.
So now the gate is nice and wide fur us full size girls ta get through.  Well all I ken say is thanks to Miss Ladee Maam fur considering us what is a bit wider than others by putting in a wider gate up front.

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