Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moose Follows Her Sweetheart to Gor and Barely Escapes With Her Life

Moose missed her sweetheart Sir Hammer and found him leaving in a ship.  She stowed away on board and followed him to his destinatioin.  The destination was Gor!
Our moose followed Hammer as he went deeper into the Gorean villiage to a castle.  She slipped quietlly up the hill along side the walls of the castle to get closer to him. 

Moose took a picture of her sweet heart who had a naked slave girl at his side.  As our Moose was taking the pictures, shown here,  she was attacked in OOC by a rather untalented role player.( I say untalented because he made no attempt to rp the situation but rather begain with the ((comments )) rather than im and used ooc eject powers rather than attempt to rp the situation out.  No evidence of talent whatsoever. )
 He accused her of climbing the wall which was not the case as she was following the land.   Notice behind moose to her right (your left) that there is clearly a land ledge to the top of the castle wall.  She simply crossed the bridge and followed the land ledge up to her sweetheart Hammer.  By the way Hammer just stood there and said nothing as Moose was attacked.  This seems common for him as he stood by while she was shot in the back defending Glint from the evil Bandit.
The reason Moose was able to reach the inside of the castle wall was because the builder of the castle was a bit careless leaving a land ledge leading up to the wall.  (Of course we know our Moose is over 300 lbs and could never actually climb a wall!).
Ok here is the picture of Hammer hanging with the Goreans:
He is attempting to disguise himself but our Moose followed him from Glint so this is proof positive he is a spy and should be hanged by his "talley wacker" as our Moose calls it.

Here is a mug shot of the subject Gorean who used OOC Eject on our Moose.  The fall could have been fatal so he should be charged with attempted murder or at least Moose abuse.   If seen in Glint call authorities immediately and have him arrested, given a fair trial, and hanged by his tally wacker.

Here is Moose,  safe again,  to tell her story:

"Emm, well as ya all know I went and got me this here Gorean outfit?  Well wut I didn't tell ya wuz I got it so I could faller ma sweetie, Hammer ta see if he wuz really a Gorean spy person." 
Moose sobs.

"Well he is!  He is a Gorean spy person!  I seen it fur ma self what he was.  He is in with them thick as thieves" 

Moose changes her expression to fear

"Oh! and them Goreans is out ta kill, let me tell you!  This here Gorean guy he thrown me off tha castle wall, Yep!"
(actually he could have role played that but,  as we mentioned earlier,  talent was not evident in his actions)

"Well i gotta tell Miss Ladee Maam, err I mean Missy Yachtzee, oh oh no, its Ya zee?  Oh welll I gotta tell sum buddy a fore Hammer and his buddies cum here and cause trouble!  Yep!  So watch tha Hammer cuz he is a Gorean Warrior spy person out ta cause no good.  Now if ya'll will excuse me i gotta find a security ossifer.  Never a cop when ya need one!"

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  1. Oh my poor sweet moose. My heart goes out to you. To discover that the man you love is a spy, to endure his ignorance towards you, to suffer the [ooc]attack of some Gorean...thats just too much to tackle for a girl. I wish I would be able to see you more so I could give you a cuddle and so we could talk some. In my eyes you are an amazing woman, uhm...well you know, I 've been following your diary because you are...About Sir not say anything too soon... hanged by his tally wacker sure is what he deserves, alone for the fact that he ignores you but on the other hand this is valuable information that could be used against him*giggles evilly* You've got something on him now, moose, maybe you can use it for your own interests...