Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homeless Moose Continues to Explore

Emm, how dee its me Moose?
Well I lost ma place what I wuz living in and now is a wandering around lookin fur a place ta get out of the weather.  Now I found this here tent? And I made me a nice fire so I ken stay warm so I'm ok fur now.
I miss ma old spooky house though.  I had plans ta patch the holes and give her a little paint so she wouldnt look so spooky and maybe not make them strange noises what she was ah making.
I left Glint and found ma way over to Nayeli  what is where I seen that pirates ship a while ago what had tha gold on it? and   I got that gold hid good so no buddy is gonna find it.
Anyway I'm staying here in Nayeli  fur now and doin sum hunting fur food and maybe sum fishing ya know?  Its really nice and peaceful here and it aint too bad sleeping here on tha ground in ma tent.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Moose, you are welcome to stay at my house until you find a new home. Its right across from where your spooky house used to be. I am living alone there most of the time with my baby son and we do get lonely and would love to have your company. So please feel free to live here if you like.
    I used to sleep in a tent too and although it gives you a nice feeling of freedom it can also be quite uncomfortable to sleep on the floor.