Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moose's House in Glint Is Taken

Poor Moose comes back from exploring to find that her "Spooky House" has been taken up and a Castle is in its place.  Moose's reaction:  Moose Sobs and says the following.....
"I can't believe ma house is gone.  It wuz a nice old house, just needed a little paint is all.  Why would they wanna take down tha spooky house?  I mean it had all them nice creature comforts like a gym and spa and such.  I know it had sum noises but them was just cuz of tha wind.  Oh yeah and they said it wuz haunted but I didnt see ghost one!"
  Moose continues to lament ......
"Why? why?  Where will i go now?  Tha spooky house wuz ma home"
Moose looks around for  her suitcase.  She finds it and picks it up, puts her things in it, closes the latch,  then slings it over her shoulder and wanders off sniffling.
Moose continues
...."Well, I had sum good times there in ma spooky house and she wuz a comfort to me when i was on tha mend after i wuz attacked by them varments.  I made many a good meal there and the spooky house wuz a good friend."
Moose looks back in the direction of where the spooky house was and continues.....
"Good bye ole friend"
Moose breaks down and crys but continues to walk.  Where will she go?  What will she do?  Well one thing is for certain!  Once again, tha moose is on tha loose.

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  1. we will certainly have a suitable shelter for our moose soon