Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moose Approaches Day 30 Waiting for a Response From Second Life

Ladies, Gentlemen, girls, and bois!  Today our Moose has a revalation regerding the reasons why she has not heard from Second Life Support regarding her inability to login. 

Remember that she was rescued by her RL Mistress known as Miss Kathy or simply Kat and can now access second life but not because of second life support!  It has been a month and no word from them.  One would think they were not concerned about their customers at all.  In fact one would surmise that they have no intention of assisting our Moose with her inquiry even though, as far as they know, she cannot access Second Life.   It is perhaps because of lack of interest or simply incompetence that nothing has happened. 

From this our Moose has made what she thinks is a discovery that she wishes to share:

"Emm, well I has been waitin fur over a month now fur  them SL folks ta get my RL reputer ta get me online so I ken do ma civil duty in Glint and such?  Well i has figured sum thin out frum ma experiences in Gor!  SECOND LIFE IS RAN BY GOREANS!  YEP!  thats wut i figured out cuz the Goreans aint to brite and got no respect fur no buddy.  Well I figure that is why I been waiting fur so long ta get a response frum them Second Life folks!  They is Goreans what aint got a damn clue!  Now is they a third life avaiable? Cuz at tha rate Second Rate Life is goin they is gonna be outta business soon."
And that concludes the message from Moose.  One other thing of note however is there has been rumor of a Witch in Glint.   Her name is believed to be Marie Laveau who is a voo doo witch from New Orleans La. in the USA.  This witch is extremely dangerous and uses magic to attack and run.  She is approximately seven feet tall, white complexion, wearing a blue Witches hat and what appears to be a blue cape.  She carries a staff which she uses to focus her magic.  Be aware she claims to ge a "Good" witch but that remains to be seen.

thats 30 for now

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