Monday, March 8, 2010

Moose Enjoying an Evening at Her Residence in Glint

Well, emm, how dee!  This here is ma place at Glint.  I just finished off a tastey possum pie I cooked.  Now I wuz over to tha Gatherin Spot while ma possum wuz a cooking?  I almost let her cook too long cuz I wuz having fun visiting with ma friends there.  Now I did offer ta share tha possum with ma friends?  But they wuz not hungry.
This is sure a nice table and sturdy chair.  I could have dinner fur four if i had another chair and some more food, and  sum more plates and OH! three more people!  Nothing ta do tonight and every buddy is in bed though they aint all sleeping if you know what I mean?  They passed another law in Glint (fancy that) what says I can't wear no shoes and that i can't have no protection against having no babies.  Well I aint gotta worry about having no babies but ma feet sure hurt when i running the taxi.  My feet is hurting now  so Im gonna just sit back here and relax at tha spooky house as tha wind sings music through the old walls. 

Y'all cum back, hear?

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