Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Is a Glory Hole

Ok, im investigating this here glory hole what they got outside tha security place.  Now its a simple board what is mounted in a vertical position with a hole in it.  Now you look throught it frum one side and you see tha front gate and you look through it frum tha other side and ya see tha judge's house.
Now what ya suppose they do with this?  I mean it aint of no practical use cuz you ken see tha gate just fine without it.  OH!  maybe its place you ken hide and see who is comming through tha gate?
Nothing comes out of tha hole what I ken see.  Now i got me down and looked throught that hole several times and I caint figure out just what its good fur or what ya supposta be looking at.
Now if any buddy has any ideas what this contraption does?   Well just let me know so we ken tell the rest of tha folks what the deal is.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playin Pool Over To Tha New Security Place

Well how dee again its me, moose?
Emm, I went over to tha security place again ta show ya tha swell pool table they got.  Now ta answer ya question fore you ask it yes ma boobs do get in tha way a little.
Ok here ya go with me playin a game of 8 ball.  One thing they could use is a bar wtth this here pool table cuz well ya need a bar with a pool table ya know.

I guess having a bar where they got tha courthouse is not all that common but this here is Glint and anything ken happen here!

Yep all they need now is a bar and sum of them wall mounted beds what  they got over to tha beer dillo.  OH!  now thats an idea!  They should get one of these here pool tables over to tha beer dillo!  Yep!  Well i gotta go now but more later as i do some more snoopin.  Bye fur now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moose Investigates The New Security Complex

Emm, hello there.  Well I got back in ta second life as you ken see and I heard they wuz this new building going on over to Glint so I did some snoopin and found the prison, security building, and all wuz gone and they had this new place up and running.  I found tha court room and took a picture fur you to see and also I want ta tell ya they forgot ta put up any of them wall mounted beds in there!   Now what they do have is a recreation room with a pool table and they got some places to get comfy too.
Well fur now let me show ya the court room what they got.  Its on tha second floor and is sorta of a open arraingement as opposed ta the old arraingement they had which wasnt open cuz it was in a room  what was closed, dont ya see?
Well as ya ken see here they got tha same bench and seats fur tha courtroom but still they aint got no jury box cuz they dont got no jury and dont need one.   Now another interesting touch they got?  They got a porch on this thing what you ken sit on and watch tha people comming and going around Glint.  They also got this here hammock?  Well you ken lay in it and take a snooze.  You know?  This hammock looks familiar!  I reckon it looks a lot like tha one on that there pirate ship I found.  Oh well, I mean, if you seen one hammock you seen em all right?
Well more later as I discover the new stuff here in Glint.
Oh! And i want ta thank tha two of ya what voted in tha powl cuz now I know what ta do about that support ticket ta Second Life!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just So We are Clear

For those following Moose's Blog, she was unable to log into Second Life and was afraid she was acused of doing something wrong.  Unable to access Second Life she desperately sent in a ticket to Second Life Support for assistance. 
In the mean time her Mistress, known as MsKathy2005 to some or simply as The Kat, took pity on tha moose and got her back online.
To date there has been no further response from Second Life regarding her previous difficulties logging in.  Here is the response she recieved shortly after she requested assistance.  This is the last she heard from Second Life:

Date Created Actions Contact Name Comment
18/2/2010 8:45 PM PDT Sent Information Fog Ontyne Hello Jasmine,
Thank you for contacting Linden Lab support.
Your ticket has been escalated to the relevant department where they will deal your issue further. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
If you need to add anything to the ticket, please click on Help > Ticket History on our website,, on the number of this ticket and then on Comment. This will allow that department to see all the messages about that same issue.
Linden Lab Support

Will our moose hear from Second Life?  Did they actually block her access or was it a glitch? Hmm
Should moose let the kind folks at Second Life know that she is now able to gain online access?  Or...Should she wait for them to resond to her question first?  Perhaps we should vote on it.  Please vote in the poll!  Please see poll above and select your response.  thank you  :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can I be Honest With You?

In Second Life Moose has heard these words more than a few times.  Another player will be talking then they will say "Can I be ?"  No duh!  Weren't you being honest before?  One shouldn't need to ask if they can be honest.  Why would anyone ask that question?  Why do so many ask it?  OK YES YOU CAN BE HONEST!  You have tha moose's permission!  You have my permission!  In fact when you ask the question, "can i be honest?", one would assume you were being dishonest up to that point, and would resume being dishonest after you were being honest,  for the moment you asked permission.  What that says is you are inherently a liar incapable of being honest without asking permission. or........
Perhaps it isnt permission they seek but they actually want to know if they can be honest.  That is are they capable of being honest.   or...
Many feel they must say what the other wants to hear.  Today one must be politically correct in their speaking or they are could violate some written or unwritten terms of service or hurt someone's feelings.  It seems someone's feelings would be hurt if you lie to them.
Moose ponders on these things then scratches her chins, grabs a chocolate bar, and says, with her mouth full, "PEOPLE IS JUST PLAIN NUTS" 

She goes on:  "Now ya take ole Honest Abraham Lincoln?  Now he wuz honest  He kept the USA together when it wuz flyin apart and he got rewarded with a bullet in tha brain.  So much fur honesty is tha best policy!  Poor Abe should have asked if he could be honest first!  Well I rekon it didn't occur ta ole  Abe ta ask cuz he didnt know no other way but to tell it like it is.  Hmm, ya know, they could sure use Abe now, but he couldnt get elected to no office in Washington nor no where else cuz he wouldn't lie.  Aint that one of them catch 2 plus 2s? or is it catch 4?  or maybe catch 22?"

"Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage."

--Ray Bradbury

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Moose's fingers twitch as if typing as she speaks.  "I just dont understand why they is pickin on me sayin i did sum thin wrong.  I didnt violate no tos!"

Moose goes to OS Grid and takes the identity of Moose Wirefly there.  She looks around for companionship.  Wanders through the empty sims of the OS Grid mumbling to her self.  "This just aint right.  I had nice store bought clothes and a nice place ta stay in SL what i am payin rent on.   Here all i got is these cheap duds ma hair looks like a darn helment"  Moose sighs.  No word from the SL support center.
Its 4 pm 2/19/2010 SL time.

Later, Moose's RL mistress MsKathy, tired of her whinning, came to moose's computer and found her account did not work either.  She then began typing.  She shut off the cable modem and the computer then turned it all back on.  It of course then worked because no computer in its right cpu would dare cross the KAT!   Well, long story short,  MsKathy was successful in getting tha moose back online.  After she completed the task , KAT simply looked at moose, and said you do know you owe me for this?  Then she sneers at moose.  Moose looks at her Mistresss and nods with a "Yes Maam".

The Moose is Back but paying her dues tha KAT.

Oh the ticket to the SL support center?  Its still open with no indication of any action.   But you probably guessed that right?

Hail to the KAT. Moose bows to her Mistress MsKathy then follows her to the dungeon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well folks moose cannot get into sl anymore it seems.  She attempts to log in and gets "Sl cannot be accessed from this computer"

She sent an email to and is awaiting the response.

Was tha moose banned?  Why?  More as the story unfolds.
The time is 9 pm sl time 2/18/2010 sl time

Day 1:
The email address above which was provided with the message no longer works.  Moose had to submit a ticket through sl support system.  She has had bad luck with them in the past as she has a free account and when submitting a ticket to sl with a free account one must remember to use the "special question" option:
Moose remembered to submit the ticket with the "special question" option and now 11 hours later checks the status and finds the ticket is "in progress" which is much better than the "ticket closed because you are not a premium customer" response.  Moose received the following response from the Official Linden Lab Support Center:
Moose found article that states reasons for the message however pleads innocent to all charges. 
Thank you for contacting Linden Lab support.Your ticket has been escalated to the relevant department where they will deal your issue further. Your patience is greatly appreciated.  The Time is 6am 2/19/2010 sl time.

The time is 1 pm sl time in 2/19/2010 and Moose is still unable to access sl.  She is beginning to suffer from withdrawls however nothing serious as yet.   Moose is looking to a long weekend without her virtual life! 
"I is innocent!  I didnt do nuthin but say hey ta a few folks over to the dark den and at bbworld.  I think this here is a conspircy cuz i made a political statment tha other day!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moose Makes a Political Statement

This is tha seat of power here at Glint.  The presidente sits here and does all tha governin.  Now one thing you ken say is that here at Glint our government aint fur sale to no buddy. 
Now other countries is different.  They is some countries what let money influence they decisions.  I mean them what have tha money buy the politicians.  Ken you imagine such a place?
Would hate ta think what would happen if they got rich people here at Glint what make tha decisions making the government nothing more than baffoons and puppets at they command.  Well glad that aint happening here!  Nope Glint aint fur sale!
Now other countries?  Well not so sure!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wall Mounted Beds Over To Tha Administration Building

Here I is inside tha offices over to tha Administration Building.  They work so hard and got such long hours they gotta sleep standing up?  Well as i showed ya the wall mounted beds work well for them what has problems tossin and turning at nite.  As you ken see here they is a wall mounted bed like them what is over to tha spooky house where I live now.  Guess them beds is also good fur those what is on they feet all the time so when they give out they wont fall down on tha floor and hurt they selves.

**moose pauses and ponders on what she just said then sees that the building is empty**

Funny how no buddy is here on a work day.  Well maybe not so funny cuz seems they is other countrys what do tha same!  I went ta Washington DC once?  Well fur them what dont know Washington DC is tha capitol of tha United States of America?  Well they got this building where these senators and such they meet ta pass laws and stuff?  Well they dont seem to be there on workdays either.  Now they must be doin sum thin over there in the USA capitol building cuz they sure spend a lotta money!  Oh its ok though cuz they just print more dont ya see?  Oh and of course they seem to be able to get together ta give themselves a raise in salary on a regular basis too.  Yep thats governemt in action fur ya.  Hmm or is that emm government inaction?
Oh and they dont have no wall mounted beds over yonder in the USA capitol neither but its ok cuz the senators and congressmen find places ta sleep nites.  Now, fur some of them,  where they sleep nites is a whole other story! 
Well come back n see me and emm if you happen ta have a boat or plane or sum vehicle what ken get off this here island emm well I would really like ta visit with ya.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Moose Solution to Whiners

Well how dee there Its me, Moose?  I got sum things I wanna get off ma chest about things whats goin on in Glint these days.  They is people what is refusin to take they punishment!  Now I ken understand folks stickin to they principles and I admire em fur it.  They is people who will simply not submitt under no circumstances.  These folks will not bend so they has to  be dealt with another way.  A way what will resolve they problem once and fur all.

The solution is ta simply snuff em out.  If they dont wanna chain on they wrist and ankle they ken trade it fur a noose around they neck.  Now here shown below is a nice gallows.  I ken build a similar one with the materials available in Glint.  All they gotta do is give me tha go and we will have teh ultimate solution to disobedient folk here in our peaceful law biding community. 

Now we aint gonna hang no buddy till they get they fair trial of course.  But after that formality is out of tha way and they dont wanna be no boi nor no girl nor chained to no powl  and auctioned off, they just get that rope!  Dont't ya see?  Solves everything cuz the folks what dont wanna submitt dont have to they just simply die.

Now here is an example of tha gallows I ken build. 
Six nooses NO WAITING!
Now the actual structure may vary from this here picture depending on how much materials I ken get but we ken have as many nooses as we need ta get things back in order here in our peaceful little country what is based on peace and fairness and such.  Not sure if we ken have a roof like this one, but it would be nice fur them what is gonna die to have a little shade while they do they final dance on tha rope.
Course they gonna have plenty of seats so the good folks at Glint ken witness tha wheels of justice as they roll over them what whine.
((disclaimer:  This article is for entertainment purposes only.  It would be assumed "kill" would be temporary as with the practice in other sl gorean sims))

Ma Civil Duties

One of ma civil duties is ta do cavity searches on tha prisoners they chain over to tha gatherin spot.  They got two powls there and will chain up any buddy what breaks tha law.  They is punished by being used by any and all what happen by for sensual pleasures.  Now occasionally we get sum nice folk what just got caught doin tha wrong thing at tha wrong time but we also got sum bad folks what refuse ta obey tha rules even when they is chained to tha powl.
I try to tell folks that when you is chained to a powl is no time to be making threats and calling people names and such.  What they should do is keep they mouth shut till they get off tha powl before they start to mouthing off.  Now you would think that would be common sense wouldnt ya?  Well  in Glint?  Hell I think its illegal to have common sense.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Mama Allpa Moose Exclusive

Well thanks fur comming back fur more of ma discovery over ta the Mama Allpa place near Glint.  I found this here place when I was explorin tha other day and gave ya a report on tha main store and tha clinic but they is more ta show ya. 

Here is a shot of that pretty lodge where ya can go ta make ya baby.  Of course you can't do it alone so bring sum buddy from tha opposite sex cuz thats kinda how it works.

Next shot shows tha back of tha lodge where ya ken have a big party or just chill out.  Now one caution is if ya decide ta have an orgy?  Try to keep up with ya various partners so when the baby cums ya ken match up who da daddy is.   Figurin the mama is much easier as the woman always gets caught holding tha bag.  (amneonic sac that is).

Now in this last picture as you ken see they got this nice store what has baby furniture and accessories fur your little one once you get the delivery out of tha way.  
They thought of everything here folks.  You ken cum here to hang out, shop, meet folks, or even make folks!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Moose Exclusive: Mama Allpa Store Discovered Near Glint!

Not far yonder on tha other side of the Glint fence you ken find this Mama Allpa store.  It is surrounded by a pretty park like atmosphere and a fancy mountain lodge fur some privacy, ta get tha process started,  if you know what I mean?

They also have a Mama Allpa clinic here and a baby furniture store.  This here is a one stop shop fur havin a baby from the fun and games that get the having a baby started,  to the birthing, and then to  tha diaper changes and burpin.

Dont't know what they gonna call this place but its here now as you ken see.  In the top picture i am standin on this here bridge leadin up to the Mama Allpa store and the other picture shows me standing in front of tha Mama Allpa clinic they got near tha store.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moose Takes a Moment to Enjoy Life In Glint Petting a Bunny But She Has Plans to Do some "Snoopin"

Here I is petting a cute little bunny not far from tha administration  building.  I hear they is sum goings on here in Glint like maybe sum new building sum where.  Im a gonna do sum explorin around to find out what the deal is and give y'all tha scoop as soon as I get the facts.
Meanwhile I is gonna just lay low and take it all in as I gather intel, dont't ya see?
So shhh, mumms tha word till I get back to ya with tha straight poop.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fully Recovered Moose Now Continues Her Tour of Glint

Emm, well its nice to be back on ma feet again after my recoverin from tha wounds i got from tha back shootin varmint.  I am now continuing with a tour of Glint.  In this tour I show ya parts of Glint they dont show ya on tha regular tours.  No no!  I show you the inside of Glint.  The under belly of Glint.  Yep!
Now here we is at the Glint Administration Building.  Here they got the office of the presidente.  Out side they office they got a balcony with a nice view of glint.  Now they is some other stuff they might just not want ya to know about.  What am i talkin about?  Well Im talking about a trunk full of cash money!  Yep thats what I talking  about.  Just looky here what Im gonna show ya.

Now here is a nice view of Glint from tha balcony outside of the presidente's office.  This gives you a good view of tha square and you ken almost see tha gatherin spot if they wasn't them houses in tha way.
This was taken on a pretty day as you ken see without a cloud in  tha sky.
But look at what ole Moose found inside one of them rooms over to tha Administration building?  Why a trunk full of money Here I am sittin beside it as you ken see.
Now funny thing is they got at least two safes in this here building but didn't put none of this here money in one of em.  NO! They got this trunk of cash just sittin her pretty as ya please WIDE open and unguarded!
Well needless ta say I didn't touch none of that cash cuz I don't wanna get in trouble; but they better lock this stuff up and hide it from them bush whackers what shot me cuz they ain't got no respect fur nobody.  Nope them low life scum bags would take all this loot fur themselves.  Hehe good thing ole Moose got all that pirate treasure,  from that ship over yonder,  hidden!  No buddy gonna find where ole Moose put that there gold, nope, no buddy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Moose Thanks Everyone For their Get Well Cards She Recovers From the Vicious Attack

Moose shot in the ass by coward.
Moose says:
"Well thanks fur tha cards and letters.  Emm Im recoverin slowly.  We will get back to lookin around to see what to see after my wounds heal"
Brave Moose Removes the arrows from her ample ass and is laying on her bed at the spooky house. 
Resorceful Moose finds ice.  Not sure how she was able to find the block of ice or how she managed to get it in position but it is working, along with the pain pills to relieve the pain.   Poor Moose was just trying to do her "civil duty"

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Moose sits in a tub of ice nursing  arrow wounds in her ample ass and says the following::

"I wuz at this here auction tryin to get me a sucker bus but I was outbid.  Then I wuz called upon to arrest this here varmint who was not making no bids in tha auction.  Now during my attempt to apprehend this varmint, a back shootin coward attacked me from tha rear. 

Now I say its the lowest of tha low what shoots a person in tha back.  It so happens this aint no man what shot me, nope!  It was probably sum bird brain low life what lays around all day not doin nuthin good fur nobody.  And of all tha nerve probably wants ta be called sir?  I gotta name fur him and it aint sir. No no, its more like back shootin  low life scum bag coward.  Now I worked with the sketch artist and he does look familiar but i can't quite place him."

Moose now limps to the bed.

"Now what I cant find to understand is how any buddy ken find shooting a woman in tha back, while she was doin her civil duty, as entertainin."

Moose moans as she takes another pain pill and goes to sleep on her big soft belly as her wounds heal.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

TREASURE!! Them Pirates is Loaded!

Oh my i done found tha mother lode. These pirates have a treasure room with gold!  I was exploring around that ship ta see what there was to see and also trying to find that starter switch.  Well i found this here treasure room with chests of gold in side!

There must be at least a million lindens worth of gold in these here boxes!

I also found sum treasure chests around other places on tha ship.

In addition to tha treasue I discovered them pirates live pretty good.  I found a hammock where you ken get a snooze and sum popcorn to munch on.   Man if I could just figure out how to make this boat go I would have got up and went a while ago.  Now what im gonna do is get this here gold to a safe place away from  them pirates.  So I got sum heavy lifting to do right now.   Well not right now im gonna snack first and maybe catch sum winks on this nice hammock.

Moose on tha Loose and After Them Pirates

Ok im still explorin this pirate ship what I found.  Still no sign of nobody.  Wow you ken see fur miles and miles up here!

I still haven't found how you start this thing.  Ya know if I could just find tha starter switch on this puppy i might just be able to drive this here boat back home where ever that is. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Shhhhh!! Dont worry its me! I'm in a pirate disguise. I discovered we got pirates not far from Glint. I found this out when i was doin sum explorin.
I was out back of the spooky house where I live tryin to catch me a fish in tha river. I got to wonderin what was on tha other side of that little river so i swam across it.
Well i discovered this beautiful place on tha other side, but watch ur step if you decide to go there cuz, wow, as you step acrross you ken get just swept off ur feet!

Anyway back to my discovery. I was walkin around taking in the scenery and lo and behold I seen this huge ship just a sitting there all by its lonesome self! Now i sneaked over to it and took a gander at it. It was empty! I looked at tha flag on top of that there boat and damn if it weren't a skull and cross bones flag of sum pirates flyin bold and proud as ya please! Them pirates could be anywhere! Be carful of strangers cuz they might be pirates of this here ship. Pirates will steal ur money and take you off and sell ya at tha next port!

I'm in ma disguise to sorta blend in with them rascals and find out what they up to. I will report back to ya once i get tha low down. Right now im a gonna search this here ship ta see what's ta see. One thing i can't figure out is how you start this thing! They gotta have an on/off switch sum where right?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Glint Justice, The Courtroom

OK, now here is tha courthouse where justice is dealt out to them what break tha law. Now dont worry we give every buddy a fair trial before we chain em to a powl and punish em.
You might be wonderin why they aint no jury box? Well i kinda wonder that too but ,frankly, im afraid to ask. Now one thing about not having a jury is you dont get no damn jury summons which is kinda nice. I always hated getting a jury summons and havin to go downtown to tha courthouse and stand in line waiting then never getting picked. So not having a jury is a good thing right?
Oh another thing? they aint got no lawyers. I heard the last one they had met an untimley demise and is six feet under so not available fur consultation in this world unless you happen to have espn or is psychotic.
Beside me here in tha picture is the sittin area fur us Glint folk to see justice served. Behind me is the defendant's emm seat? Well maybe not a seat, more like the defendant's chainin powls.
In front of that defendant's chainin powls is the bench where his honor tha judge sits or one of the presidentes when they doing their official judge stuff.
Oh and Lacey is the court reporter. She is good at writing and takes notes all tha time. Not sure where she keeps her pen and pad as i havent seen no pockets on her no where but thats another story.
Now y'all be good or you might just get arrested by Sir Hammer and brought here ta this here room to be given your fair trial. Oh another thing? If they give you a trial date? Well better take it cuz I heard they was booked up on fair trials through 2020 or sum such date.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cleaning Up Tha Chainin Powl Area

Now here is another of ma duties here at Glint. This here is tha chainin powl area where we dish out justice to those who dont take our laws seriously.
I have to clean this spot regular. Them blood stains is hard to get out ya know plus it gets dusty and all so I have to sweep daily. I also clean in sum of the other areas of glint except tha courthouse cuz Missy Lacey cleans that and she told me she dont need no help. Course I would be happy ta help if she asked but she made it plain that she was ok doing it herself.
Oh behind me there? That there is tha Gatherin Spot where there is all kinds of goings on. In fact sum things go on there that would be best done in a nice private room if you know what I mean?
Well more later, I gotta get back to ma cleaning.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Relaxin at Tha Spooky House Parlor

Now here I am at tha spooky house where I been stayin? And let me tell you it has a lot of creature comforts like this parlor with tha cozy fire and sittin couch. You ken just kick back and enjoy tha warmth of tha fire.
Now that nonsense about being haunted? Well they aint no such things as ghosts. No no its just tha wind and maybe sum glare from tha windows dont ya see?
They also got this other cozy fire place and a nice little day bed for snoozin. I am sure glad I found this place and didn't fall fur tha hype that it was haunted cuz it just aint so, nope, I aint seen ghost one here.
One thing they could use? They could use a back door so I ken go out to tha river out back yonder way. I do like to fish now and then and have a hankerin for sum fish ta eat.
Now cum back ta see me for more of ma tour of Glint. Better yet, cum visit me here at Glint in Dark Den.

The Comfy Spa Over To Tha Spooky House

Like i was a telling ya? This here spooky house is just in need of sum tlc. Why look at this nice spa they got in tha place.

You can really relax and enjoy the shower, steam, bubbles, and cozy fire here at tha spooky house spa. I tried it out as you ken see and I tell you what, its really comfy! Just tha thing after a long day being tha Glint taxi and generating power fur that nice folks here. Now tomorrow im gonna show ya around the parlor where they got a nice sittin area and cozy fireplace ta roast marshmellows and such but fur now im a gonna just soak ma weary bones in this here spa. Its nice to have some quiet time alone though sometimes i do have a feeling im not alone here but i am sure thats just cuz of tha wind and all. Cum back ta see me fur sum more of the finer things in Glint life.