Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wall Mounted Beds Over To Tha Administration Building

Here I is inside tha offices over to tha Administration Building.  They work so hard and got such long hours they gotta sleep standing up?  Well as i showed ya the wall mounted beds work well for them what has problems tossin and turning at nite.  As you ken see here they is a wall mounted bed like them what is over to tha spooky house where I live now.  Guess them beds is also good fur those what is on they feet all the time so when they give out they wont fall down on tha floor and hurt they selves.

**moose pauses and ponders on what she just said then sees that the building is empty**

Funny how no buddy is here on a work day.  Well maybe not so funny cuz seems they is other countrys what do tha same!  I went ta Washington DC once?  Well fur them what dont know Washington DC is tha capitol of tha United States of America?  Well they got this building where these senators and such they meet ta pass laws and stuff?  Well they dont seem to be there on workdays either.  Now they must be doin sum thin over there in the USA capitol building cuz they sure spend a lotta money!  Oh its ok though cuz they just print more dont ya see?  Oh and of course they seem to be able to get together ta give themselves a raise in salary on a regular basis too.  Yep thats governemt in action fur ya.  Hmm or is that emm government inaction?
Oh and they dont have no wall mounted beds over yonder in the USA capitol neither but its ok cuz the senators and congressmen find places ta sleep nites.  Now, fur some of them,  where they sleep nites is a whole other story! 
Well come back n see me and emm if you happen ta have a boat or plane or sum vehicle what ken get off this here island emm well I would really like ta visit with ya.

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