Saturday, February 6, 2010

TREASURE!! Them Pirates is Loaded!

Oh my i done found tha mother lode. These pirates have a treasure room with gold!  I was exploring around that ship ta see what there was to see and also trying to find that starter switch.  Well i found this here treasure room with chests of gold in side!

There must be at least a million lindens worth of gold in these here boxes!

I also found sum treasure chests around other places on tha ship.

In addition to tha treasue I discovered them pirates live pretty good.  I found a hammock where you ken get a snooze and sum popcorn to munch on.   Man if I could just figure out how to make this boat go I would have got up and went a while ago.  Now what im gonna do is get this here gold to a safe place away from  them pirates.  So I got sum heavy lifting to do right now.   Well not right now im gonna snack first and maybe catch sum winks on this nice hammock.

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  1. moose, you look hot in that! you should wear that more often. haha