Saturday, February 20, 2010


Moose's fingers twitch as if typing as she speaks.  "I just dont understand why they is pickin on me sayin i did sum thin wrong.  I didnt violate no tos!"

Moose goes to OS Grid and takes the identity of Moose Wirefly there.  She looks around for companionship.  Wanders through the empty sims of the OS Grid mumbling to her self.  "This just aint right.  I had nice store bought clothes and a nice place ta stay in SL what i am payin rent on.   Here all i got is these cheap duds ma hair looks like a darn helment"  Moose sighs.  No word from the SL support center.
Its 4 pm 2/19/2010 SL time.

Later, Moose's RL mistress MsKathy, tired of her whinning, came to moose's computer and found her account did not work either.  She then began typing.  She shut off the cable modem and the computer then turned it all back on.  It of course then worked because no computer in its right cpu would dare cross the KAT!   Well, long story short,  MsKathy was successful in getting tha moose back online.  After she completed the task , KAT simply looked at moose, and said you do know you owe me for this?  Then she sneers at moose.  Moose looks at her Mistresss and nods with a "Yes Maam".

The Moose is Back but paying her dues tha KAT.

Oh the ticket to the SL support center?  Its still open with no indication of any action.   But you probably guessed that right?

Hail to the KAT. Moose bows to her Mistress MsKathy then follows her to the dungeon.

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