Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Moose Solution to Whiners

Well how dee there Its me, Moose?  I got sum things I wanna get off ma chest about things whats goin on in Glint these days.  They is people what is refusin to take they punishment!  Now I ken understand folks stickin to they principles and I admire em fur it.  They is people who will simply not submitt under no circumstances.  These folks will not bend so they has to  be dealt with another way.  A way what will resolve they problem once and fur all.

The solution is ta simply snuff em out.  If they dont wanna chain on they wrist and ankle they ken trade it fur a noose around they neck.  Now here shown below is a nice gallows.  I ken build a similar one with the materials available in Glint.  All they gotta do is give me tha go and we will have teh ultimate solution to disobedient folk here in our peaceful law biding community. 

Now we aint gonna hang no buddy till they get they fair trial of course.  But after that formality is out of tha way and they dont wanna be no boi nor no girl nor chained to no powl  and auctioned off, they just get that rope!  Dont't ya see?  Solves everything cuz the folks what dont wanna submitt dont have to they just simply die.

Now here is an example of tha gallows I ken build. 
Six nooses NO WAITING!
Now the actual structure may vary from this here picture depending on how much materials I ken get but we ken have as many nooses as we need ta get things back in order here in our peaceful little country what is based on peace and fairness and such.  Not sure if we ken have a roof like this one, but it would be nice fur them what is gonna die to have a little shade while they do they final dance on tha rope.
Course they gonna have plenty of seats so the good folks at Glint ken witness tha wheels of justice as they roll over them what whine.
((disclaimer:  This article is for entertainment purposes only.  It would be assumed "kill" would be temporary as with the practice in other sl gorean sims))

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