Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Mama Allpa Moose Exclusive

Well thanks fur comming back fur more of ma discovery over ta the Mama Allpa place near Glint.  I found this here place when I was explorin tha other day and gave ya a report on tha main store and tha clinic but they is more ta show ya. 

Here is a shot of that pretty lodge where ya can go ta make ya baby.  Of course you can't do it alone so bring sum buddy from tha opposite sex cuz thats kinda how it works.

Next shot shows tha back of tha lodge where ya ken have a big party or just chill out.  Now one caution is if ya decide ta have an orgy?  Try to keep up with ya various partners so when the baby cums ya ken match up who da daddy is.   Figurin the mama is much easier as the woman always gets caught holding tha bag.  (amneonic sac that is).

Now in this last picture as you ken see they got this nice store what has baby furniture and accessories fur your little one once you get the delivery out of tha way.  
They thought of everything here folks.  You ken cum here to hang out, shop, meet folks, or even make folks!

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