Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cleaning Up Tha Chainin Powl Area

Now here is another of ma duties here at Glint. This here is tha chainin powl area where we dish out justice to those who dont take our laws seriously.
I have to clean this spot regular. Them blood stains is hard to get out ya know plus it gets dusty and all so I have to sweep daily. I also clean in sum of the other areas of glint except tha courthouse cuz Missy Lacey cleans that and she told me she dont need no help. Course I would be happy ta help if she asked but she made it plain that she was ok doing it herself.
Oh behind me there? That there is tha Gatherin Spot where there is all kinds of goings on. In fact sum things go on there that would be best done in a nice private room if you know what I mean?
Well more later, I gotta get back to ma cleaning.

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