Thursday, February 4, 2010


Shhhhh!! Dont worry its me! I'm in a pirate disguise. I discovered we got pirates not far from Glint. I found this out when i was doin sum explorin.
I was out back of the spooky house where I live tryin to catch me a fish in tha river. I got to wonderin what was on tha other side of that little river so i swam across it.
Well i discovered this beautiful place on tha other side, but watch ur step if you decide to go there cuz, wow, as you step acrross you ken get just swept off ur feet!

Anyway back to my discovery. I was walkin around taking in the scenery and lo and behold I seen this huge ship just a sitting there all by its lonesome self! Now i sneaked over to it and took a gander at it. It was empty! I looked at tha flag on top of that there boat and damn if it weren't a skull and cross bones flag of sum pirates flyin bold and proud as ya please! Them pirates could be anywhere! Be carful of strangers cuz they might be pirates of this here ship. Pirates will steal ur money and take you off and sell ya at tha next port!

I'm in ma disguise to sorta blend in with them rascals and find out what they up to. I will report back to ya once i get tha low down. Right now im a gonna search this here ship ta see what's ta see. One thing i can't figure out is how you start this thing! They gotta have an on/off switch sum where right?

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