Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ma Civil Duties

One of ma civil duties is ta do cavity searches on tha prisoners they chain over to tha gatherin spot.  They got two powls there and will chain up any buddy what breaks tha law.  They is punished by being used by any and all what happen by for sensual pleasures.  Now occasionally we get sum nice folk what just got caught doin tha wrong thing at tha wrong time but we also got sum bad folks what refuse ta obey tha rules even when they is chained to tha powl.
I try to tell folks that when you is chained to a powl is no time to be making threats and calling people names and such.  What they should do is keep they mouth shut till they get off tha powl before they start to mouthing off.  Now you would think that would be common sense wouldnt ya?  Well  in Glint?  Hell I think its illegal to have common sense.

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