Friday, February 12, 2010

Moose Exclusive: Mama Allpa Store Discovered Near Glint!

Not far yonder on tha other side of the Glint fence you ken find this Mama Allpa store.  It is surrounded by a pretty park like atmosphere and a fancy mountain lodge fur some privacy, ta get tha process started,  if you know what I mean?

They also have a Mama Allpa clinic here and a baby furniture store.  This here is a one stop shop fur havin a baby from the fun and games that get the having a baby started,  to the birthing, and then to  tha diaper changes and burpin.

Dont't know what they gonna call this place but its here now as you ken see.  In the top picture i am standin on this here bridge leadin up to the Mama Allpa store and the other picture shows me standing in front of tha Mama Allpa clinic they got near tha store.

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