Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yep!  I been snoopin around ta see what they wuz ta see and I found sum spooky things goin on!

First, they is vandalators running around what broke all the glass yonder at tha beer dillo what they got!   Now here is sum pictures of what I seen.  Look at all tha broke glass what they got there!  Now no buddy seems ta know who done it but they is rumors running around.   Now I dont spread no rumors around what I don't verify so I ain't gonna spread tha rumor that they said missy alley done it.  Nope!  I don't spread no rumors.

Now next I gonna show ya sum spooky buildings what just popped out of tha blue.   They is one cross frum tha horse pistol what looks like a gas station but it ain't got no gas.  Instead it got sum blood stains on tha floor.  Now what kinda gas station has blood stains?

Ok, now if that aint spooky enough?  They got another building behind this here one what has a jail in it!   Yep!  It got bars and everything what a jail has but it aint no jail.  Some real spook stuff goin on. 

Now y'all be careful and if you find them vandalators don't try to apprehend them you self!  Nope!   Leave that to tha trained professionals what we  got. 

See ya next time.

((some help with moose speak:  she calls a hospital a "horse pistol" and she is calling vandals "vandalators".  She also has trouble with pronouncing things with a G so she refers Glint as "Lint"))

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moose On Ava's Baby Shower

Well they gave Missy Ava a baby shower.  Now they weren't no babies there and they weren't no shower neither but I wished her a happy baby shower day anyway.  We didn't sing or nuthin but she got sum swell gifts frum Missy Alley who wuz the one what threw tha party fur Missy Ava.

I also got shot out of a cannon a few times what wuz fun and i got to lay down in the arms of a soft teddy bear what wuz there.  Missy Alley went all out decoratin fur tha party.  Oh! and we wuz allowed ta wear shoes!  Now if that ain't ah special occasion then whut is?

Now they wuz a cake but no buddy sang her happy baby shower day so here goes:  (clears throat)
Happy baby shower day to you,
Happy baby shower day to you,
Happy baby shower day dear Missy Ava,
Happy baby shower day to you.

It wuz right nice of Missy Alley go throw tha party fur Missy Ava and she gave her enough fancy stuff what builds things and such ta rebuild Lint all over.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moose Announcement: Government Services in Glint

How dee!  Its me Moose?

I found me a fire truck, a police car, and ah garbage truck.   Now you seen tha garbage truck a fore when I wuz after them rats the murines and they hello chopters left around.   Well I been fixin up these here cars and trucks so we ken have sum services here.

Did y'all know i is tha fire chief?  Well reckon I is cuz no buddy tole me different no way.  Well here is a picture of me, moose, with my new service vehicles what i found.  Now i gonna be testing em out a fore they go into use ya know.