Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moose On Ava's Baby Shower

Well they gave Missy Ava a baby shower.  Now they weren't no babies there and they weren't no shower neither but I wished her a happy baby shower day anyway.  We didn't sing or nuthin but she got sum swell gifts frum Missy Alley who wuz the one what threw tha party fur Missy Ava.

I also got shot out of a cannon a few times what wuz fun and i got to lay down in the arms of a soft teddy bear what wuz there.  Missy Alley went all out decoratin fur tha party.  Oh! and we wuz allowed ta wear shoes!  Now if that ain't ah special occasion then whut is?

Now they wuz a cake but no buddy sang her happy baby shower day so here goes:  (clears throat)
Happy baby shower day to you,
Happy baby shower day to you,
Happy baby shower day dear Missy Ava,
Happy baby shower day to you.

It wuz right nice of Missy Alley go throw tha party fur Missy Ava and she gave her enough fancy stuff what builds things and such ta rebuild Lint all over.

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