Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Moose Will Soon Be MAMMA MOOSE!!!

As shown above from moose's typist's screen, the mama allpa hud is working perfectly showing moose is indeed pregnant and in her second month.  The mama allpa hud is such a simple device to use.  For the human the best thing seems to just let nature take its course.  The services with mama allpa are free and anyone that tells you different is misinformed.  This is one of the most well thought out and designed huds in all of SL.  It is so simple even our moose and her typist are able to undertand and use it.  Oh you do need to be able to read but moose's typist, unlike tha moose, can read.  Once you are pregnant, the hud actually sends you gifts and advice on what you might experience in the given stage of pregnancy you are in.  For example, moose recieved warnngs that she might feel nausea and such which was apparent when whe threw up on some journalists toes during the rush to the hospital.

Moose was found,  by Dr. Sabi, collapsed by her carriage shortly after a meeting was held in Glint by the Villiage Bike yesterday.  The moose was barely concious and there was an attempt to take our moose to the hospital however it was closed!!

Dr. Sabi showed her genius in treating moose without the aid of fancy hospital equipment.  Oh this is no ordinary doctor!  Dr. Sabi even tried to pull the carriage with our moose but found that extremely difficulty.  Ther was a passing Sir, Sir Dog, who assisted in transporting moose ultimately to the upper floor of the laundry where she was attended by friends.  Her friends "Missy Flo" the yello dragon, and "Missy Janay" were there to aid support.

Moose has been ordered to rest and not do her "Civil Dutiy" chores such as generating power, taxi service, and floor scrubbing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Moose Has A New Family

How dee!  Its me moose?  Well I just wanted ta tell ya that I got me one of them master fellers.  Yep!  his name is ....emm Master Tennis, i think,  Now I did say I weren't no slave but this here master feller?  well he kinda fills me with sum thing I reckon I aint been filled with before. Another thing?  Well he says ma hair looks better down and loose on tha moose so im a wearin it that way now.  No buddy never tole me that before.  He lets me wear shorts but only when he aint around.  He says I is sexy so he wants me ta show ma goods off to folks so reckon thats what im doin now.  Now when he calls me sexy?   Thats a description not a name.  We had one Glintonian what wuz named sexi?  Now fur her? that were a name and description.  Yep! 
Now I also know that i told ya I aint no cow on no four legs.  Well master insists on calling me his cow and he is tha master afer all so reckon I am his cow fur now.  He wants ta milk me fur all ta see what a cow I am so thats why he took me yonder to tha milkin machines yester dee.  He compared me to a cow too.  Yep they is this furry bovine girl what they call lynn, i think her name is?  Well he got me to stand by her and turn around fur folks a comparin us. Well he says I is twice her size so im two times the size of one cow at least.  I think he is proud of that fact cuz he sure enjoys milkin my boobs and making me moo fur him.
I got me a sister too!  Yep!  master done took another girl and that makes us sisters, at least thats what he tole me.  Her name is gosia.  Well here is sum pictures.  Oh!  sis gave a try at tha carriage and she is good at it.  Yep!  Looks like I got me sum help with tha taxi service.  Oh! thats me and master ridin in tha back of the carriage while sis pulls us around.  Now that is one wirey little sister I got.

One draw back is that master says being a cow and all?  I cant have no property.  Well reckon thats ok since I is now part of a family even though it might be just a tad dysfunctional.  Ya see sister and master seem to enjoy pickin on ole moose.  Its ok though and I wuz feard they wuz gonna change ma name to cow or they wuz even thinking fat cow but fur now its still moose.  Oh its ok if they call me fat cow I reckon I do have sum rather large boobs.   And they aint no argue that im a little on tha heavy side.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moose Gets A Master? Will Her Name Be Changed to Fat Cow?

Our moose may not be moose for long!  Some how our moose has been collared by a mean sadistical master who threatens to change her name to Fat Cow or to just plain fatty.   Now he has already mated with moose twice and milked her several times.  Since there is teh no contraceptive law and moose of course obeys all teh Glint laws there is the chance that she is carrying his baby now!

She wants him  to love her and gives her body to him as often as he wants for what ever he wants it for. She crys when he tells her she is nothing more then cow to be bred and  used to haul things.  Oh he did say she was also good for scrubbing his floor.  Well his floor is in the house he took from Moose when he collared her.  Yes he said cows can not own any thing so he took it all including her carriage though he plans to let her carry him and his other slave girls around in it.  It seems moose came from a hard life such as this when she arrived at Glint.  Is moose human livestock?

Is moose destined to be a breeder cow?

The master is to collar another girl who is considerably thinner and more fit than moose.  He says he loves her and that moose will be her servant.  The girl appears jealous of moose and it is rumored she has vowed to harm moose in some way or to at lease torment her as much as possible. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tribute To The Gardner and Opinions of Moose's Typist

Moose ponders on PRG and the gardner.

"Glint is such a purtty place what has lots of nice things and sum swell folks what go walk around and chat and stuff.  What is taken fur granted is tha work by the gardener and the others what assist her in the building and landscaping.   I mean these here folks got other stuff to do like well Mama Allpa fur instance and their typists might even have lives outside of SL.

So I just wanna say thank you to our gardner and all those what support PRG cuz they aint no place like it i don't reckon."
General Opinions from Moose's typist:
Let's not forget that at one time we were all new to role play.  Not everyone in Glint is on the same skill level but we should  all  be at the same enjoyment level. If you think someone is making mistakes tell them in im rather than call them down in ((double quotes)).  Dont shoot some one unless you give a good indication you are getting your weapons ready to shoot them.  No back shootin either!

I go back to remember my first days in Glint when I attempted to role play with tha village bike..  She could have just said i was the worst role player she ever had the misfortune of contacting.  She could have filled the screen full of ((double quotes)) telling me every thing I did wrong...(which would have been a lotta double quotes.)  What she did was im me directly,  give me some good advice,  then recommended I go to her rp class. 

Now I'm not the premier role player vb is but, because she took the time to help me, I am better then I was and I am having fun.  If someone is struggling with role play, or appears to be going down the wrong road, I want to help them rather then drive them away so I will avoid public reprimands, threats, and general negative comments.  I might however send them a private im with some strong suggestions. 

It appears the mark of excellent role play would be minimal use of OOC.  I mean we are characters in a story so the story should drive the role play and not something in ((double quotes)) or something in a private im.  There may be the occasion for an ooc comment like   ((No Stop what you are doing i dont want to do this leave me alone)).  Now i think that kinda says it all.  If one were to continue attempting to rp with  me after i told them in ooc to leave me alone, then I might take it personally.  I applaud the tolerance of YT who has been attacked when she gave full notice she was not interested.  If that happened to me, and I were the sim owner, I would have vanquished them to the next universe and banned them for eternity plus one day.

Another reason for OOC would be for setting up a role play scene and for just chatting between friends who happen to also be role playing. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moose Searches For The Drums

How dee!  I is here at Glint fixin ta go yonder to Naylei in search of them drums?  Now ya gotta be carefull when you is going over yonder cuz of tha turbulence they got.walk slow by them signs ya see behind me in this here picture and you should be ok.  then faller tha trail around tha mountain to tha cornfield where you ken see that pirate ship floatin in mid air.
Here we is at tha floatin pirate ship?  Its over in tha corn field what has that orange tractor and such.  Well see that lake behine me?  Ya gotta go accross it.  Now you ken use tha boat or ya ken swim.  We is gonna get in the boat yonder.
Now as you ken see?  tha boat is nice and big and it wuz smooth sailin fur a while but soon after I wuz under way?  Well tha boat sank to tha bottom!  Now let me tell you! That wuz one hair raisin experience.  Well, emm my hair wuz wet so it didnt rise but you know whut i mean?

Well I though I wuz breathin my last.  I tried to find the surface but they wuz too many rock ledges and i wuz not able to get no bearings.  Just as I figured I wuz a gonner?  I seen this rope so i climbed that rascal to this platform they got. 
Well you ken see all around up here!  Now lookie at Glint behind me in this here shot.  Aint it purtty?  You ken see tha admin building, and even tha courthouse frum here.  You ken also see that castle they put up where the spooky house use to be?  Oh!  you ken almost see my place but ya cant really cuz of tha trees and houses and such.

Now here is a shot of Nayeli what shows where  we is a tryin to go.  You ken see them rocks a swimming around up there?  Well that is where we gotta go to get to them drums.  Yep!  they is way up there.  Now I think you ken get over yonder on foot but I am gonna just dive in this  here water and swim over. 

Now I know i got ma duds on and ma weapons but im gonna swim with em on so I dont leave em behind and get em lost ya see?
Ok here goes.

Ok now here i is on tha other side of that there lake, finally!  Now we gotta go up frum here.  Now I think we need to go up this way yonder so im gonna head up tha mountain frum here.  It sure is peaceful here. 

Now this here is where tha Sisterhood of Infernal Love is at. 
Well guess I best be heading up this here mountain.
Whew, thats a haul!  Now you ken see in this here shot tha flyin rocks I was telling you about earlier?  Well that is a sure sign you is a getting closer to them drums.  See that big rock the little rocks is flying round?  Well thats where we is headed.  Now don't worry cuz I can also see they got sum ladders what you ken use ta get up there to them drums. 
Well it aint easy ta find.  You got sum climbin and you got to go across this here water fall and then you cum to these here ladders what you climb.  Once you get on them ladders you go up and up sum more.  This here shot shows them ladders up close and how they wind up to where we is going.  Emm, where was we going again?   Oh!  tha drums!  Ok lets get goin to them drums.

As you ken see it got dark on me while i wuz huntin fur them drums.  Now this here shot is tha last platform what they got before you climb up to them drums.  Now they is a secret to getting up that final leg of tha trip and all I ken say is it requires a leap of faith so to speak.

Well in this shot you ken see the fires what is burning near the drums.  Good thing they got them fires cuz its gettin dark now.  Im not afraid of tha dark, mind ya, but its easier ta walk around when you ken see where your feet is goin to get planted as you is walking around.
Now once you get up here?  You is goin ta wanna play them drums and do around so as to justify the long haul you just made.  Its nice up here and you ken see lots of stuff while you is playin tha drums and such. 

Emm, being a big person?  And a little clumsy I decided ta bed down up here and wait fur day break so I ken see ma way back down tha mountain.  So I'll see ya next time when we look ta see what they is ta see here in the majikal world of Glint, Nayeli, and Mama Allpa.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moose Listens As The Sisterhood Is Discussed

Well I reckon its back ta nature what causes the sisterhood girls to go around nakee?  Now Puyin wuz sayin her knees had a mind of they own and would bend if tha right guy came along?  Now that is peculiar but I guess dont knock it till ya try it.  My knees try ta bend a lot but thats mostly cuz I is carryin a heavy load along tha road in ma carriage fur two what I use fur a taxi.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moose Discovers the Welcome Home Sign

Moose goes on her taxi rounds as usual but discovers something that brings tears to her eyes.  Moose speaks with teary eyes.

"This here sign is tha sweetest thing sum buddy ever done fur me!"

Moose waits for a while at the courthouse for anyone who needs a ride.  She met vb and a dragon by the courthouse and visited a spell then became hungry and returned to her home to prepare dinner.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Role Play By Emote

Moose met a dog in Glint.  Now a dog cannot talk, or at least this one didnt.  What the puppy could do is emote.  Here is Moose regarding her encounter with the dog.

"Emm,  this here dog?  She wuz just a diggin in tha dirt.  I tried ta feed it and it ate but then went back ta diggin in tha dirt.  Now this wuz goin on fur sum time and I couln't figure out why this here dog wuz a diggin.  Now I started ta talk out loud to tha dog and asked it sum questions.  Now strange thing?  The dog could shake its head fur no and nod fur yes!  Now that wuz some strange event let me tell you!   Now I just could not figure out wut this here dog wanted so I had ta refer the issue to ma typist who determined the dog wuz attempting the "china" task and I wuz suppose ta figure out she wuz digging to China?  Well, I'm gonna tell ya that weren't ma furst, second, nor third thought.  I figured she wuz tryin to find sum thing but couldn't figure out what it wuz."
If anyone has ideas about role play to an emoter, moose's typist could use some pointers.  By emoters, I mean those who do not talk but describe what they are doing. 

Oh the dog?  Well, with help, Moose was able to help the dog find what she was looking for.  Now I understand the dog had another task to write a letter?  Now how did the dog emote the letter?  I mean you dont see a dog with a pen in its paw every day!  Oh besides they do not have opposing thumbs so writing would be quite a challenge.  OH!  Maybe the pooch did hunt and peck on a typewriter?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tha Moose's First Day Back

Oh my where do we start!  If you follow sunshine's blog (Gera)  you know Moose had a day with the girls.  She took them on a ride that almost killed them all and met a girl who was bigger than moose, sunshine, and butterfly together! 

Now here are some shots of moose's new digs!  She finally has a nice place to sit and fish!  Moose seems to be in, well, moose heaven now.

This is the picture of Moose, Butterfly, Sunshine, and Maam (aka yazee) at Mama Allpa.  Oh and the huge woman with the blue poka dot dress?  She was very strange.  She claimed to have used magic when asked how she arrived.  She was also much larger than our moose.

Moose is naked in these pictures  because when she wrecked the buggy in the water her clothes got wet and she had to dry them.  Now yazee seems to think Moose should go nude at all times.  Should our moose be naked? Hmm.

Later Moose took sunshine back across the water, in a boat this time,  to Glint where she somehow got stuck on the milking machine!  Nobody knew how the milker worked so they had to wait until our Moose's breasts were drained and the machine stopped automatically.

Poor Moose! So humiliating to be milked in public like she was a cow! 

Sir io was there along with sunshine to witness as Moose was milked telling her story of times she was milked before and forced to moo as others watched and laughed at her.  That would never happen to our Moose in Glint!  Would it?
Later in the day Moose met what she called a grrbunny.  She called her a grrbunny because she looked like a girl but had a bunny tail and ears.  Now at first Moose thought she was a lost playboy bunny but quickly found the girls bunny ears to be real and her breasts were clearly too small to be a playboy bunny!    The bunny kept trying to get Moose to eat grass but Moose never could figure out what she wanted.

Her friend sabi convinced our Moose to take part in a prank on her Master Chy.   Here is Moose and the girls with Master Chy in the pool.  Note that the master is fully clothed and sleepwalking.  ((afk))  No one is safe!

Later in the day after running away from an angry Master Chy.  Moose meditates.  My our Moose must be tired!  I am sure she will sleep like a baby tonite! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moose Continues Her Quest For Glint

Moose has her things together once more and searches for alternate transportation to Glint.  She hears that the space shuttle is soon to launch and she investigates:

"Well now wonder if this here shuttle stops at Glint?  Now lets see how I ken get in this thing ta stowe away."
Moose searches the shuttle for a door.  Finding the door she jiggles the lock to see if it is open.

"Darn tha luck its locked.  Well i reckon they aint gonna land anywhere Glint nor Gor so I best figure out another way.  Oh!, Oh!  An arrow plane!  Yep!  Now they is sure ta be sum arrow port around here sum where?"
Moose searches for an airport and finds one.  She looks at the planes  ("arrow planes" as she calls them):

"Well lookey here!  Here is them arrow planes what I wuz lookin fur.  Now wonder if any of them is gonna go to Glint or Gor?  Hmm, they is no buddy round here so I gonna just look ta see what they is ta see!  "

Moose searches the airport:
"Look at tha planes they got!  Now these here look kinda complicated ta fly around in fur sure but maybe I ken stowe away on one of these here and get closer ta Glint."
Moose's eyes brighten as she sees another plane.  This is a smaller plane.  What is Moose thinking?

"Now this here plane is more my size.  Now flyin aint much different frum drivin a car I dont reckon.  I mean you go left and right stop and go in a car.  You do all that in a plane too.  Emm, but you also go up and down and all around.  Well the up part aint so bad its tha comming down in one piece that is the hard part.  Hmm, what if i got me one of them parachutes?   Yep!  I ken just fly around till I see Glint then just bail out!  Ok now, let me look at them controls.  Wow they got stick shift on this here plane."
Moose climbs in the plane as she wants to get to Glint.  She looks over the controls and looks at all the labels but as we recall reading is not one of tha Moose's strong points.  She manages to start the plane,  and since it is lined up on the runway already, she takes off up up into the air as if she were an ace pilot!  If Moose is afraid, she is not showing it as she seems excited and happy until it hits her!  The ground is WAY down there!

"Whee! I is flyin a arrow plane!  Wow look at me flyin.  Oh my god! im up in tha air! What tha hell was I thinking?"
Moose calms down and learns the stick shift she found is actually how she can go up and down and the extra gass pedals are how she goes left to right.  She is supprised as the plane appears to just lfy itself.  Her feet just rest on the pedals and the stick moves her hand.  Hmm.  Still apprehensive, our Moose begins to navigate by the sun headed south east toward teh bermuda triangle.

"Emm, well this ain't so hard!  Nope!  I is figurin this out just fine.  Now I know all I gotta do is ta fly over Glint and just bail out.  They didnt want this here old plane anyway I dont reckon.  Well maybe Ill pay em fur it one day if I get sum money.  Wonder how much one of these here arrow planes costs?"

Moose had already secured a stout parachute and has it strapped on..  She is determined to get back to Glint and is willing to jump our of a perfectly good airplane to get there! 
Moose goes lower to get her bearings and sees what she thinks may be Glint!  She flys over and sees Glint!  Yes she has arrived.  Well not exactly, she is 3000 feet up.  There does not appear to be a landing strip but Moose wouldnt know how to land anyway so she prepares to jump from the plane as it flys over Glint. 
Moose takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and JUMPS!
Moose is screaming as she falls from the plane.  Oddly, the plane banks to the left and appears to be returning from where it came.  Could it have been remotely controlled?  Oh! a puff of smoke in the cockpit of the plane then Marie Leveau appears!  Did Marie use her magic to help our Moose.  Hmm, that would explain why our Moose, made it to Glint as our Moose is a sweetheart, but  is not exactly an ace navigator.
Moose falls faster and faster until the reaches terminal velocity.  It will soon be time to pull the parachute cord.  Moose has been counting to 10 for the last five minutes because she can't figure out what comes after 3.  Now our Moose knows nothing of parachuting so only has the one chute so lets hope it works!  Ok the cord pulls itself and the parachute opens.  Way to go Marie!

Moose is in the air just over Glint.  You can see the ship with horns in the harbor!  Amazing!  Moose seems to have made it back!
Moose is excited but still scared as she approaches the roof of the Glint Courthouse.   Almost as if she had a clue she pulls the ropes and navigates the parachute over glint.  Or were they pullinjg her arms?  Hmm.

Amazing!  Here Moose lands right at the Glint gate and greets those present.  She is exhausted and cannot talk because she is breathing heavily from the plane ride and skydive.  She excuses herself and heads toward the location of her buggy. 

Moose is supprised to see her shipping container home and garage intact with her buggy located near her friend sunshine's house.  That is not where she left them.  Hmm, Marie again?   Moose sits and takes a breather.  
Opps!  Moose is wearing shoes.  Hope she remembers the no shoe law!

A New Second Life Terms Of Service. Marie is Seen in Glint. But where is Moose?

Did you have to accept a new TOS in order to login to Second Life?

Here is the url to the new SL TOS in case you want to read it.

Marie is seen in the Glint courtroom.

Marie is still in Glint posing as a world traveler when she is actually a witch.  Marie makes a statement:

"Funny thing it is.  In Glint they have outlawed magic but just across the river, in a place they call Nayeli,  there is a ship floating in mid air, rocks flying around, and invisible ladders!  What, except magic, would cause that?"

"I found a rock, with drums on it,  elevated high in the sky. One must explore to find the correct path there. There is a trick on the last leg of the journey to the drums and I am sure those who have to make this journey are jumping to find out what that trick is" 

Moose is still in Fearly

Moose is in a place called Fearly where her raft sank as she hit the rocks there.  We left Moose knocking on the door asking for help.