Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Role Play By Emote

Moose met a dog in Glint.  Now a dog cannot talk, or at least this one didnt.  What the puppy could do is emote.  Here is Moose regarding her encounter with the dog.

"Emm,  this here dog?  She wuz just a diggin in tha dirt.  I tried ta feed it and it ate but then went back ta diggin in tha dirt.  Now this wuz goin on fur sum time and I couln't figure out why this here dog wuz a diggin.  Now I started ta talk out loud to tha dog and asked it sum questions.  Now strange thing?  The dog could shake its head fur no and nod fur yes!  Now that wuz some strange event let me tell you!   Now I just could not figure out wut this here dog wanted so I had ta refer the issue to ma typist who determined the dog wuz attempting the "china" task and I wuz suppose ta figure out she wuz digging to China?  Well, I'm gonna tell ya that weren't ma furst, second, nor third thought.  I figured she wuz tryin to find sum thing but couldn't figure out what it wuz."
If anyone has ideas about role play to an emoter, moose's typist could use some pointers.  By emoters, I mean those who do not talk but describe what they are doing. 

Oh the dog?  Well, with help, Moose was able to help the dog find what she was looking for.  Now I understand the dog had another task to write a letter?  Now how did the dog emote the letter?  I mean you dont see a dog with a pen in its paw every day!  Oh besides they do not have opposing thumbs so writing would be quite a challenge.  OH!  Maybe the pooch did hunt and peck on a typewriter?

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  1. she's pretty creative. she's also ooc in ims. i like rping with her. its interesting say the least. she knows not many know what to do with her. She tries to encourage others.