Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Second Life Terms Of Service. Marie is Seen in Glint. But where is Moose?

Did you have to accept a new TOS in order to login to Second Life?

Here is the url to the new SL TOS in case you want to read it.

Marie is seen in the Glint courtroom.

Marie is still in Glint posing as a world traveler when she is actually a witch.  Marie makes a statement:

"Funny thing it is.  In Glint they have outlawed magic but just across the river, in a place they call Nayeli,  there is a ship floating in mid air, rocks flying around, and invisible ladders!  What, except magic, would cause that?"

"I found a rock, with drums on it,  elevated high in the sky. One must explore to find the correct path there. There is a trick on the last leg of the journey to the drums and I am sure those who have to make this journey are jumping to find out what that trick is" 

Moose is still in Fearly

Moose is in a place called Fearly where her raft sank as she hit the rocks there.  We left Moose knocking on the door asking for help.


  1. It's elitism, Moose, pure and simple.

    Only a very few connected with Nayeli can use magic, and they're not saying who they are.

  2. Oh no, it isn't elitism at all! Being near the Bermuda Triangle, Glint and Nayeli are likely to experience strange gravitational pulls...or lack of gravity in the case of the rocks and the ship. Be aware that a compass is likely to spin wildly, and radio communications often go on the "fritz", oh, don't forget that planes and ships are subject to strange disappearances, too!