Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moose Continues Her Quest For Glint

Moose has her things together once more and searches for alternate transportation to Glint.  She hears that the space shuttle is soon to launch and she investigates:

"Well now wonder if this here shuttle stops at Glint?  Now lets see how I ken get in this thing ta stowe away."
Moose searches the shuttle for a door.  Finding the door she jiggles the lock to see if it is open.

"Darn tha luck its locked.  Well i reckon they aint gonna land anywhere Glint nor Gor so I best figure out another way.  Oh!, Oh!  An arrow plane!  Yep!  Now they is sure ta be sum arrow port around here sum where?"
Moose searches for an airport and finds one.  She looks at the planes  ("arrow planes" as she calls them):

"Well lookey here!  Here is them arrow planes what I wuz lookin fur.  Now wonder if any of them is gonna go to Glint or Gor?  Hmm, they is no buddy round here so I gonna just look ta see what they is ta see!  "

Moose searches the airport:
"Look at tha planes they got!  Now these here look kinda complicated ta fly around in fur sure but maybe I ken stowe away on one of these here and get closer ta Glint."
Moose's eyes brighten as she sees another plane.  This is a smaller plane.  What is Moose thinking?

"Now this here plane is more my size.  Now flyin aint much different frum drivin a car I dont reckon.  I mean you go left and right stop and go in a car.  You do all that in a plane too.  Emm, but you also go up and down and all around.  Well the up part aint so bad its tha comming down in one piece that is the hard part.  Hmm, what if i got me one of them parachutes?   Yep!  I ken just fly around till I see Glint then just bail out!  Ok now, let me look at them controls.  Wow they got stick shift on this here plane."
Moose climbs in the plane as she wants to get to Glint.  She looks over the controls and looks at all the labels but as we recall reading is not one of tha Moose's strong points.  She manages to start the plane,  and since it is lined up on the runway already, she takes off up up into the air as if she were an ace pilot!  If Moose is afraid, she is not showing it as she seems excited and happy until it hits her!  The ground is WAY down there!

"Whee! I is flyin a arrow plane!  Wow look at me flyin.  Oh my god! im up in tha air! What tha hell was I thinking?"
Moose calms down and learns the stick shift she found is actually how she can go up and down and the extra gass pedals are how she goes left to right.  She is supprised as the plane appears to just lfy itself.  Her feet just rest on the pedals and the stick moves her hand.  Hmm.  Still apprehensive, our Moose begins to navigate by the sun headed south east toward teh bermuda triangle.

"Emm, well this ain't so hard!  Nope!  I is figurin this out just fine.  Now I know all I gotta do is ta fly over Glint and just bail out.  They didnt want this here old plane anyway I dont reckon.  Well maybe Ill pay em fur it one day if I get sum money.  Wonder how much one of these here arrow planes costs?"

Moose had already secured a stout parachute and has it strapped on..  She is determined to get back to Glint and is willing to jump our of a perfectly good airplane to get there! 
Moose goes lower to get her bearings and sees what she thinks may be Glint!  She flys over and sees Glint!  Yes she has arrived.  Well not exactly, she is 3000 feet up.  There does not appear to be a landing strip but Moose wouldnt know how to land anyway so she prepares to jump from the plane as it flys over Glint. 
Moose takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and JUMPS!
Moose is screaming as she falls from the plane.  Oddly, the plane banks to the left and appears to be returning from where it came.  Could it have been remotely controlled?  Oh! a puff of smoke in the cockpit of the plane then Marie Leveau appears!  Did Marie use her magic to help our Moose.  Hmm, that would explain why our Moose, made it to Glint as our Moose is a sweetheart, but  is not exactly an ace navigator.
Moose falls faster and faster until the reaches terminal velocity.  It will soon be time to pull the parachute cord.  Moose has been counting to 10 for the last five minutes because she can't figure out what comes after 3.  Now our Moose knows nothing of parachuting so only has the one chute so lets hope it works!  Ok the cord pulls itself and the parachute opens.  Way to go Marie!

Moose is in the air just over Glint.  You can see the ship with horns in the harbor!  Amazing!  Moose seems to have made it back!
Moose is excited but still scared as she approaches the roof of the Glint Courthouse.   Almost as if she had a clue she pulls the ropes and navigates the parachute over glint.  Or were they pullinjg her arms?  Hmm.

Amazing!  Here Moose lands right at the Glint gate and greets those present.  She is exhausted and cannot talk because she is breathing heavily from the plane ride and skydive.  She excuses herself and heads toward the location of her buggy. 

Moose is supprised to see her shipping container home and garage intact with her buggy located near her friend sunshine's house.  That is not where she left them.  Hmm, Marie again?   Moose sits and takes a breather.  
Opps!  Moose is wearing shoes.  Hope she remembers the no shoe law!


  1. moose! yay!!!!! welcome back!

  2. Welcome home, moose! It's great to have you back at last! Can't wait to see you!

  3. I am so happy you are back, Moose. And I am thrilled that they put your house next to mine. Now we are neighboors, yay!