Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tribute To The Gardner and Opinions of Moose's Typist

Moose ponders on PRG and the gardner.

"Glint is such a purtty place what has lots of nice things and sum swell folks what go walk around and chat and stuff.  What is taken fur granted is tha work by the gardener and the others what assist her in the building and landscaping.   I mean these here folks got other stuff to do like well Mama Allpa fur instance and their typists might even have lives outside of SL.

So I just wanna say thank you to our gardner and all those what support PRG cuz they aint no place like it i don't reckon."
General Opinions from Moose's typist:
Let's not forget that at one time we were all new to role play.  Not everyone in Glint is on the same skill level but we should  all  be at the same enjoyment level. If you think someone is making mistakes tell them in im rather than call them down in ((double quotes)).  Dont shoot some one unless you give a good indication you are getting your weapons ready to shoot them.  No back shootin either!

I go back to remember my first days in Glint when I attempted to role play with tha village bike..  She could have just said i was the worst role player she ever had the misfortune of contacting.  She could have filled the screen full of ((double quotes)) telling me every thing I did wrong...(which would have been a lotta double quotes.)  What she did was im me directly,  give me some good advice,  then recommended I go to her rp class. 

Now I'm not the premier role player vb is but, because she took the time to help me, I am better then I was and I am having fun.  If someone is struggling with role play, or appears to be going down the wrong road, I want to help them rather then drive them away so I will avoid public reprimands, threats, and general negative comments.  I might however send them a private im with some strong suggestions. 

It appears the mark of excellent role play would be minimal use of OOC.  I mean we are characters in a story so the story should drive the role play and not something in ((double quotes)) or something in a private im.  There may be the occasion for an ooc comment like   ((No Stop what you are doing i dont want to do this leave me alone)).  Now i think that kinda says it all.  If one were to continue attempting to rp with  me after i told them in ooc to leave me alone, then I might take it personally.  I applaud the tolerance of YT who has been attacked when she gave full notice she was not interested.  If that happened to me, and I were the sim owner, I would have vanquished them to the next universe and banned them for eternity plus one day.

Another reason for OOC would be for setting up a role play scene and for just chatting between friends who happen to also be role playing. 

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  1. also keep in mind that everyone has a different roleplay style. Thats why i try to keep comments to myself, but i'm a perfectionist at times so i can be annoying. Even new rpers develop their own style.

    It can be as simple as nim's woulds and other smal things that people do that show part of their style. Mine has strange patterns if you watch it. I do the same things repeatedly cause I have a short memory and work off habit.

    I've watched many people judge a person's style and say its wrong. In truth, thats how they do it. Its worse on a developing rper to be told its wrong. You could take away a lot of their potential.

    :: goes back to hiding in her rl cage til she finds an ethernet cord that is actually her's ::