Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moose Gets A Master? Will Her Name Be Changed to Fat Cow?

Our moose may not be moose for long!  Some how our moose has been collared by a mean sadistical master who threatens to change her name to Fat Cow or to just plain fatty.   Now he has already mated with moose twice and milked her several times.  Since there is teh no contraceptive law and moose of course obeys all teh Glint laws there is the chance that she is carrying his baby now!

She wants him  to love her and gives her body to him as often as he wants for what ever he wants it for. She crys when he tells her she is nothing more then cow to be bred and  used to haul things.  Oh he did say she was also good for scrubbing his floor.  Well his floor is in the house he took from Moose when he collared her.  Yes he said cows can not own any thing so he took it all including her carriage though he plans to let her carry him and his other slave girls around in it.  It seems moose came from a hard life such as this when she arrived at Glint.  Is moose human livestock?

Is moose destined to be a breeder cow?

The master is to collar another girl who is considerably thinner and more fit than moose.  He says he loves her and that moose will be her servant.  The girl appears jealous of moose and it is rumored she has vowed to harm moose in some way or to at lease torment her as much as possible. 


  1. Oh my God, oh my God! When did all this happen? Why wasn't I there to comfort poor Moose. And who is this mysterious sadistic Master?*shivers*

  2. butterfly and i are trying to figure out, if moose is a cow, whether he then is a cow-boy. He was not so very amused about that thought. But then again also did not protest overly strong....