Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moose Searches For The Drums

How dee!  I is here at Glint fixin ta go yonder to Naylei in search of them drums?  Now ya gotta be carefull when you is going over yonder cuz of tha turbulence they got.walk slow by them signs ya see behind me in this here picture and you should be ok.  then faller tha trail around tha mountain to tha cornfield where you ken see that pirate ship floatin in mid air.
Here we is at tha floatin pirate ship?  Its over in tha corn field what has that orange tractor and such.  Well see that lake behine me?  Ya gotta go accross it.  Now you ken use tha boat or ya ken swim.  We is gonna get in the boat yonder.
Now as you ken see?  tha boat is nice and big and it wuz smooth sailin fur a while but soon after I wuz under way?  Well tha boat sank to tha bottom!  Now let me tell you! That wuz one hair raisin experience.  Well, emm my hair wuz wet so it didnt rise but you know whut i mean?

Well I though I wuz breathin my last.  I tried to find the surface but they wuz too many rock ledges and i wuz not able to get no bearings.  Just as I figured I wuz a gonner?  I seen this rope so i climbed that rascal to this platform they got. 
Well you ken see all around up here!  Now lookie at Glint behind me in this here shot.  Aint it purtty?  You ken see tha admin building, and even tha courthouse frum here.  You ken also see that castle they put up where the spooky house use to be?  Oh!  you ken almost see my place but ya cant really cuz of tha trees and houses and such.

Now here is a shot of Nayeli what shows where  we is a tryin to go.  You ken see them rocks a swimming around up there?  Well that is where we gotta go to get to them drums.  Yep!  they is way up there.  Now I think you ken get over yonder on foot but I am gonna just dive in this  here water and swim over. 

Now I know i got ma duds on and ma weapons but im gonna swim with em on so I dont leave em behind and get em lost ya see?
Ok here goes.

Ok now here i is on tha other side of that there lake, finally!  Now we gotta go up frum here.  Now I think we need to go up this way yonder so im gonna head up tha mountain frum here.  It sure is peaceful here. 

Now this here is where tha Sisterhood of Infernal Love is at. 
Well guess I best be heading up this here mountain.
Whew, thats a haul!  Now you ken see in this here shot tha flyin rocks I was telling you about earlier?  Well that is a sure sign you is a getting closer to them drums.  See that big rock the little rocks is flying round?  Well thats where we is headed.  Now don't worry cuz I can also see they got sum ladders what you ken use ta get up there to them drums. 
Well it aint easy ta find.  You got sum climbin and you got to go across this here water fall and then you cum to these here ladders what you climb.  Once you get on them ladders you go up and up sum more.  This here shot shows them ladders up close and how they wind up to where we is going.  Emm, where was we going again?   Oh!  tha drums!  Ok lets get goin to them drums.

As you ken see it got dark on me while i wuz huntin fur them drums.  Now this here shot is tha last platform what they got before you climb up to them drums.  Now they is a secret to getting up that final leg of tha trip and all I ken say is it requires a leap of faith so to speak.

Well in this shot you ken see the fires what is burning near the drums.  Good thing they got them fires cuz its gettin dark now.  Im not afraid of tha dark, mind ya, but its easier ta walk around when you ken see where your feet is goin to get planted as you is walking around.
Now once you get up here?  You is goin ta wanna play them drums and do around so as to justify the long haul you just made.  Its nice up here and you ken see lots of stuff while you is playin tha drums and such. 

Emm, being a big person?  And a little clumsy I decided ta bed down up here and wait fur day break so I ken see ma way back down tha mountain.  So I'll see ya next time when we look ta see what they is ta see here in the majikal world of Glint, Nayeli, and Mama Allpa.

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