Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Moose Will Soon Be MAMMA MOOSE!!!

As shown above from moose's typist's screen, the mama allpa hud is working perfectly showing moose is indeed pregnant and in her second month.  The mama allpa hud is such a simple device to use.  For the human the best thing seems to just let nature take its course.  The services with mama allpa are free and anyone that tells you different is misinformed.  This is one of the most well thought out and designed huds in all of SL.  It is so simple even our moose and her typist are able to undertand and use it.  Oh you do need to be able to read but moose's typist, unlike tha moose, can read.  Once you are pregnant, the hud actually sends you gifts and advice on what you might experience in the given stage of pregnancy you are in.  For example, moose recieved warnngs that she might feel nausea and such which was apparent when whe threw up on some journalists toes during the rush to the hospital.

Moose was found,  by Dr. Sabi, collapsed by her carriage shortly after a meeting was held in Glint by the Villiage Bike yesterday.  The moose was barely concious and there was an attempt to take our moose to the hospital however it was closed!!

Dr. Sabi showed her genius in treating moose without the aid of fancy hospital equipment.  Oh this is no ordinary doctor!  Dr. Sabi even tried to pull the carriage with our moose but found that extremely difficulty.  Ther was a passing Sir, Sir Dog, who assisted in transporting moose ultimately to the upper floor of the laundry where she was attended by friends.  Her friends "Missy Flo" the yello dragon, and "Missy Janay" were there to aid support.

Moose has been ordered to rest and not do her "Civil Dutiy" chores such as generating power, taxi service, and floor scrubbing.


  1. Congratulations Moosey!!! I am so happy for you.

  2. Congrats Moosey!. Be safe in the knowledge that the whole mama allpa team are here to support you ( well Sabi, Sel and myself anyway ) So you're in good hands