Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pigfat Has A Male Nurse

Pigfat doing much better.  Prognosis has greatly improved and she is recovering nicely with the help of her nurse, Hans Groper

Pigfat is in a wheelchair because she still has difficulty walking,  however,  she is able to stand which is a good sign.  Her nurse has been giving her physical therapy treatments,  thought I do believe he is taking some liberties with our friend?  NO I am sure it is standard medical procedure!

Here her nurse has her standing and I must say that is good to see.

Oh well I'm not medical and I am sure he is helping her in many ways to recover from her ordeal with  that Sir Hamster person,  who so cruelly asked for her hand, married her, then promptly pulverized pigfat into ground pork.   Err i mean ground meat....Err well you know what I mean!
In the picture above, the nurse is loosening up pigfat's muscles and helping to stretch her skin now that the whip wounds have healed.  Yeah that's it!

OK now in this shot the nurse is, err, well not sure what he is doing but I am sure its standard medical procedure?  What ever it is pigfat does seem to be enjoying it.


Now in this procedure nurse Groper seems to be examining pigfats face?  Well he is doing something with her face and I am sure it is medically necessary.  We wouldn't want to spread a rumor that pigfat is playing around on her Hamster as that might lead to more senseless violence.
Yes the relationship is strictly professional.    All this contact is treatment, yes, its medically necessary,  standard procedure. 
That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Moose Released from Hospital Now Recovering at Womens Shelter

Pigfat in recovery at an undisclosed location for her protection.

Pigfat is not making statements at this time however she has been reunited with ther son, Alexander, at a womens shelter.  Meanwhile Marie Leveau is taking care of business at the Kajun Kafe on main street and the Road Kill Kafe and Beer Dillo.

We all wish pigfat (aka moose) a speedy recovery.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too Horrific for Regular News Published Here Moose After the Attack

Here are pictures of the moose (aka pigfat) after attack from her brutal beating from her husband.

While moose recovers in a hospital,  in an undisclosed location for her protection, Marie Leveau will be handling her Road Kil Kafe and Beer Dillo.  In addition, since Marie is of cajun origin, she has opened a side walk cajun cafe on the main street of Glint.  Marie advises not to worry about little Alexander as she has him safe and well cared for while his mommy recovers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Church Appears in Glint ITS A MIRICLE!

Emm I went yonder to my kafe and what did i find next door but this big ole church what they got.  I went inside to see what they is to see and report to ya.

This is me standing in front of the church what they got.  It has a big ole bell tower and a cross way up high.
Here is another shot what i took of the front of the place.
This here is a shot of the front of the church from tha other direction.  You can't see the bell from here but its still there and all.
Now here is a picture of the confessional what they got inside tha church.  I'm figuring they gonna be a long line waiting fur confession.  Hmm, now while they is waiting they ken be snackin on my road kill from the kafe next door!
Now this here is me at tha pulpit what they got?  Now I ain't preachin but i kinda pretended that they wuz a crowd in tha place and I wuz speachin to em.

Upstairs they got this balcony thing?  Well you ken stand out here and see all of lint!  Yep! Behind me you ken see tha ship in the harbor and sum trees.  You ken also see tha orange tent what Doc Tara and Sir Pry live in when they is here.
I reckon this here mattress is fur tha preacher after he had a long day of speachin and needed sum rest and such.
Ok now this is me lookin out tha window what they got in the bell tower.  You ken see my kafe next door.  I know this here is a shameless plug fur my Road Kill Kafe and Beer Dillo!!
As i sat there all alone in that church?  Ya know i didn't feel alone at all.  Reckon when you is in church you is never alone.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jackhammer and boobs at PornoXO

Emm, My name got changed yesterdee and now i is kinda tha public pig. Now I reckon it aint much different than being tha public cow but i kinda think its a step down. I changed the names of my kafe and ballet school so they got my new name right. This is a picture of me with my piggy nose and i got a tail now too but its not permanent. Missy lucky stuck it up my ...emm well i am wearing it in my err..ass.
I is thinking i gonna have to cum back to being queen of lint though cuz these people is just plain nuts. They makin a big to do about panties and shoes while they flood tha city one minute and burn it the next.
I tried to talk sense into these yeah hoos only to be shot and captured by a trigger happy jinx.
I tried to tell Master Jarethe they wuz fires all over but he had his hands full doin cavity searches on one girl or another and couldnt be bothered. Ava wuz no place in sight. It is time fur sum buddy to take charge and emm reckon it might be time fur me to find my crown what i got. I wuz queen moose once and could be queen again but emm reckon the name would be queen pigfat? Hmm not a majestic name but its what i got at tha moment.
Now i know alley done told me what she would do with that crown when she seen me wear it but emm sum buddy gotta fix this here mess and it dont look like no buddy gonna do nuthin but set fires and jackhammer the place up.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Train Wreck, Car Wreck, Role Play Gone South ((ooc, duh))

How do you get past a car crash?

Before the crash life is good and you have your nice shiny car all polished up.  After the crash you second guess every move you made and lament over the wreckage you caused.  God forbid that anyone was injured but if they were you feel responsible for that too.  Some refer to a car crash as an accident however it wasnt really an accident in many casses.  It was an act of forgetfullness, ignorance, or just reckless disregard for others.

Ok the car is damaged but can be fixed. The images remain embossed in your brain however.  Do you deserve to drive again after making some bone head mistake that caused all that damage.  It is really hard to get back behind the wheel for some after an accident.  (aka crash).   It may be irrational but then again maybe you need to pause and reflect.  Perhaps a defensive driving course is in order?  A little analaysis of the situation that led to the crash may be in order but running over the event every minute of every day is probably not doing much good for your self conficence which is now shot to hell.

Ok this not about a car wreck.  It is about role play when things go wrong and the reason they went wrong rests fully on you.  What do you do when you totally screw up a scene by not doing the simple things like checking profiles for limits?  What if its even worse and you have read the persons profile like 20 times but forget and walk all over them?  Oh and what if its someone you really care about ooc?

That happened to me yesterday and, of course, I apologized but I really have a hard time getting back in it.  Its like i have this sign over my head that says JASMINE SCREWED UP with a huge red arrow to warn everyone  away.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

**Get Lost White Knight ((ooc))**

I suppose every girl has dreamed of a kight coming and taking her away from all her troubles however in role play it is more of a knight mare.

In Dark Den the idea is to get in some sort of trouble such as a capture or forced to do things our avatars don't wanna do.  Well here is the point.  Our character may protest but we, the keyboard operators, are not protesting.  It may be hard for some to stand by and watch another character protest their capture in character however its important to let the rp scene go without interference.   Attempting to rescue the character is interference plain and simple.   (there are quiet ways of determining if your rescue would be welcome such as an im to BOTH parties.)

Yesterday (June 7th, 2010)  two characters were playing, male and female at the Glint Gate.  The male grabs the females hair an pulls, she screams, and ...here comes the White Knight gonna shoot the unarmed male for pulling the girls hair.  Was there anything from the female ((protesting the hair pull ooc))  no there was not. 

The male character asked the White Knight if he were in the Molestri and the response was he was a self appointed guardian of the girls.  Self appointed?  The White Knight eventually sent an im to the girl and was told  she wished the rp to continue long the lines of a forced capture scene.

In this case the White Knight showed a basic misunderstanding of the theme of Dark Den and could have led to yet another male dominant leaving the den.  Between female slaves who do not wish to be touched and White Knights that wish the girls to be untouched, how can one have a capture role play sim?   
Remember the sign out front of the Glint Gate says sexual harassment is NOT discouraged, it is graded.  

How we treat dominants at the gate has a direct reflection on how many dominants come in the gate a second time. We should not capture or arrest a dominant for doing at the gate what the sim rules say the dominant should be doing.   If the dominant is breaking OOC rules then warn them ooc (best done IM)  and/or contact an admin with documented evidence.  If you see asterisks in the role players tag they are admin.  If you see a dominant and sub in rp , and either or both have asterisks in their tag, consider the fact that they are admins so chances are they are ok with what is going on.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moose Gives Birth to Baby Boy

This is an account of the birth of Alexander, Moose's baby boy

Giving birth with the Mama Allpa hud was so simple even a moose could do it!  Moose felt contractions and called Dr. Sugarplum who was able to see her immediately at her well equipped modern clinic.  The doctor supplied a hospital gown, ice, and shoes for moose as she was giving birth.
Moose gave normal birth using a birthing chair.  There were no complications.  During the delivery, moose was having some derogatory comments about men in general and the trouble they cause.  She was also very angry with Master "Tennis" who fathered the baby and ran away.  She kept saying the baby was lot easier and more pleasant going in than coming out.

The Mama Allpa hud made the delivery simple as it involved simple mouse clicks for the stages of delivery.   A bitth baby is supplied with the hud for rp of the birth .  The length of the delivery depends on the length of the role play involved.  Moose used a very short role play and the delivery went smoothly.  

The mama allpa hud is truly a complete system with only a single charge.  Moose thanks alll those doctors who helped her through her pregnancy.

Alexander was born June 5, 2010 weighed in at just over 6 lbs and was 21 inches at birth.  Moose wants him to be a "Master Feller".

After delivery, moose was given a basket of goodies to begin her new role as a Mamma Moose.

There are free prim babies available in Second LIfe however there are also premium prim babies costing thousands of lindens which will grow, move about etc.  these are not part of the mama allpa hud and are obtained separately.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pet For Sale

Free to good home. Excellent guard dog. Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat. Most of them knew
Jethro only by his Oriental street name, Ho Lee Schitt.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now the Road Kill Kafe and Ballet School Is Together

How Dee!  I got my Beer Dillo and Ballet School right next door to each other now. 

They is located behind the other beer dillo what has dancin and bedrooms.  I dont want no bedrooms but i got ballet dancin. 
Cum by and have some roast turkey what I am cookin on tha BBQ.  Have some of my famous Possum Pot Pie, or have a cup of coffee.
Stop by the ballet school and do some exercises at the barre or practice the five basic ballet positions!
Reckon I is gonna have another Road Kill BBQ soon fur those what wuz asleep fur tha first one but feel free to stop by anytime at the ballet school or the kafe!  ((feel free to use either for role play.  for those needing poseballs there are some))

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Traits of A Submissive

OK last post was traits of a dominant so logically we look for traits of a submissive next.  ((OOC Content))
1.  Positive approach to life.  Glass is half full not half empty.  Look to the future and not dwell in the past.

2.  Manageable   Talk is OK but when a decision must be made  the Dominant's decision is final.

3.  Affectionate.  Blend with the mood of the dominant.  Sensitive and can openly express their feelings.

4.  Responsible.  Takes care of what the dominant gives them. 

5.  Confidence in the Dominant.  The submissive believes the dominant can take care of them and all their needs.

6.  Appreciate the Dominant.  Understand the Dominant has feet of clay and may make mistakes but has the submissive's best interest at heart for the long haul.

7.  Flexible  The Dominant mind set is not easily bent.  The submissive mind set should bend easily rather than conflict with the Dominant. 

8.  Responsibility.  Both the submissive and the Dominant have a responsibility to keep the relationship going.

9.  Self-Indulgent  This may seem strange for a submissive trait.  A submissive should get gratification from their submission.   Submissive's are highly sensitive to everything and everyone around them.  The submissive has to make it known when they need attention rather than to wait for it and make he Dominant figure out what they want.

10. Submission is a mind set and not gender specific.  There are submissive males and they should be proud of their sensitivity.