Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Traits of A Submissive

OK last post was traits of a dominant so logically we look for traits of a submissive next.  ((OOC Content))
1.  Positive approach to life.  Glass is half full not half empty.  Look to the future and not dwell in the past.

2.  Manageable   Talk is OK but when a decision must be made  the Dominant's decision is final.

3.  Affectionate.  Blend with the mood of the dominant.  Sensitive and can openly express their feelings.

4.  Responsible.  Takes care of what the dominant gives them. 

5.  Confidence in the Dominant.  The submissive believes the dominant can take care of them and all their needs.

6.  Appreciate the Dominant.  Understand the Dominant has feet of clay and may make mistakes but has the submissive's best interest at heart for the long haul.

7.  Flexible  The Dominant mind set is not easily bent.  The submissive mind set should bend easily rather than conflict with the Dominant. 

8.  Responsibility.  Both the submissive and the Dominant have a responsibility to keep the relationship going.

9.  Self-Indulgent  This may seem strange for a submissive trait.  A submissive should get gratification from their submission.   Submissive's are highly sensitive to everything and everyone around them.  The submissive has to make it known when they need attention rather than to wait for it and make he Dominant figure out what they want.

10. Submission is a mind set and not gender specific.  There are submissive males and they should be proud of their sensitivity.

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