Tuesday, June 8, 2010

**Get Lost White Knight ((ooc))**

I suppose every girl has dreamed of a kight coming and taking her away from all her troubles however in role play it is more of a knight mare.

In Dark Den the idea is to get in some sort of trouble such as a capture or forced to do things our avatars don't wanna do.  Well here is the point.  Our character may protest but we, the keyboard operators, are not protesting.  It may be hard for some to stand by and watch another character protest their capture in character however its important to let the rp scene go without interference.   Attempting to rescue the character is interference plain and simple.   (there are quiet ways of determining if your rescue would be welcome such as an im to BOTH parties.)

Yesterday (June 7th, 2010)  two characters were playing, male and female at the Glint Gate.  The male grabs the females hair an pulls, she screams, and ...here comes the White Knight gonna shoot the unarmed male for pulling the girls hair.  Was there anything from the female ((protesting the hair pull ooc))  no there was not. 

The male character asked the White Knight if he were in the Molestri and the response was he was a self appointed guardian of the girls.  Self appointed?  The White Knight eventually sent an im to the girl and was told  she wished the rp to continue long the lines of a forced capture scene.

In this case the White Knight showed a basic misunderstanding of the theme of Dark Den and could have led to yet another male dominant leaving the den.  Between female slaves who do not wish to be touched and White Knights that wish the girls to be untouched, how can one have a capture role play sim?   
Remember the sign out front of the Glint Gate says sexual harassment is NOT discouraged, it is graded.  

How we treat dominants at the gate has a direct reflection on how many dominants come in the gate a second time. We should not capture or arrest a dominant for doing at the gate what the sim rules say the dominant should be doing.   If the dominant is breaking OOC rules then warn them ooc (best done IM)  and/or contact an admin with documented evidence.  If you see asterisks in the role players tag they are admin.  If you see a dominant and sub in rp , and either or both have asterisks in their tag, consider the fact that they are admins so chances are they are ok with what is going on.


  1. Fucking brilliant. I am going to link to this in the Dark Den blog.

    *mad applause*

  2. Well said Moose. I must admit my normal response to a white knight interfering with any activity (particularly at the moment when Robin and I are strenuously trying to enforce the clothing laws) is to have him for breakfast - but they are a pain and can spoil the moment.

  3. Moose..well done.