Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moose Gives Birth to Baby Boy

This is an account of the birth of Alexander, Moose's baby boy

Giving birth with the Mama Allpa hud was so simple even a moose could do it!  Moose felt contractions and called Dr. Sugarplum who was able to see her immediately at her well equipped modern clinic.  The doctor supplied a hospital gown, ice, and shoes for moose as she was giving birth.
Moose gave normal birth using a birthing chair.  There were no complications.  During the delivery, moose was having some derogatory comments about men in general and the trouble they cause.  She was also very angry with Master "Tennis" who fathered the baby and ran away.  She kept saying the baby was lot easier and more pleasant going in than coming out.

The Mama Allpa hud made the delivery simple as it involved simple mouse clicks for the stages of delivery.   A bitth baby is supplied with the hud for rp of the birth .  The length of the delivery depends on the length of the role play involved.  Moose used a very short role play and the delivery went smoothly.  

The mama allpa hud is truly a complete system with only a single charge.  Moose thanks alll those doctors who helped her through her pregnancy.

Alexander was born June 5, 2010 weighed in at just over 6 lbs and was 21 inches at birth.  Moose wants him to be a "Master Feller".

After delivery, moose was given a basket of goodies to begin her new role as a Mamma Moose.

There are free prim babies available in Second LIfe however there are also premium prim babies costing thousands of lindens which will grow, move about etc.  these are not part of the mama allpa hud and are obtained separately.


  1. Congratulations, moose, on the birth of Alexander, from Master Marvin and me!

  2. Congratulations dear Moosey. I am so glad you gave birth to a healthy baby boy. And i love the name Alexander!

  3. They have virtual babies? Does that make you a virtual mommy? One thing for sure! You are no longer a virutal virgin!