Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pigfat Has A Male Nurse

Pigfat doing much better.  Prognosis has greatly improved and she is recovering nicely with the help of her nurse, Hans Groper

Pigfat is in a wheelchair because she still has difficulty walking,  however,  she is able to stand which is a good sign.  Her nurse has been giving her physical therapy treatments,  thought I do believe he is taking some liberties with our friend?  NO I am sure it is standard medical procedure!

Here her nurse has her standing and I must say that is good to see.

Oh well I'm not medical and I am sure he is helping her in many ways to recover from her ordeal with  that Sir Hamster person,  who so cruelly asked for her hand, married her, then promptly pulverized pigfat into ground pork.   Err i mean ground meat....Err well you know what I mean!
In the picture above, the nurse is loosening up pigfat's muscles and helping to stretch her skin now that the whip wounds have healed.  Yeah that's it!

OK now in this shot the nurse is, err, well not sure what he is doing but I am sure its standard medical procedure?  What ever it is pigfat does seem to be enjoying it.


Now in this procedure nurse Groper seems to be examining pigfats face?  Well he is doing something with her face and I am sure it is medically necessary.  We wouldn't want to spread a rumor that pigfat is playing around on her Hamster as that might lead to more senseless violence.
Yes the relationship is strictly professional.    All this contact is treatment, yes, its medically necessary,  standard procedure. 
That's my story and I am sticking to it!

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  1. Aww its so nice to see that Moosey is been taking care of so well. Having a male nurse is cool. I could do with one too although I think in my case it would have to be a male counselor.