Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jackhammer and boobs at PornoXO

Emm, My name got changed yesterdee and now i is kinda tha public pig. Now I reckon it aint much different than being tha public cow but i kinda think its a step down. I changed the names of my kafe and ballet school so they got my new name right. This is a picture of me with my piggy nose and i got a tail now too but its not permanent. Missy lucky stuck it up my ...emm well i am wearing it in my err..ass.
I is thinking i gonna have to cum back to being queen of lint though cuz these people is just plain nuts. They makin a big to do about panties and shoes while they flood tha city one minute and burn it the next.
I tried to talk sense into these yeah hoos only to be shot and captured by a trigger happy jinx.
I tried to tell Master Jarethe they wuz fires all over but he had his hands full doin cavity searches on one girl or another and couldnt be bothered. Ava wuz no place in sight. It is time fur sum buddy to take charge and emm reckon it might be time fur me to find my crown what i got. I wuz queen moose once and could be queen again but emm reckon the name would be queen pigfat? Hmm not a majestic name but its what i got at tha moment.
Now i know alley done told me what she would do with that crown when she seen me wear it but emm sum buddy gotta fix this here mess and it dont look like no buddy gonna do nuthin but set fires and jackhammer the place up.

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