Thursday, June 10, 2010

Train Wreck, Car Wreck, Role Play Gone South ((ooc, duh))

How do you get past a car crash?

Before the crash life is good and you have your nice shiny car all polished up.  After the crash you second guess every move you made and lament over the wreckage you caused.  God forbid that anyone was injured but if they were you feel responsible for that too.  Some refer to a car crash as an accident however it wasnt really an accident in many casses.  It was an act of forgetfullness, ignorance, or just reckless disregard for others.

Ok the car is damaged but can be fixed. The images remain embossed in your brain however.  Do you deserve to drive again after making some bone head mistake that caused all that damage.  It is really hard to get back behind the wheel for some after an accident.  (aka crash).   It may be irrational but then again maybe you need to pause and reflect.  Perhaps a defensive driving course is in order?  A little analaysis of the situation that led to the crash may be in order but running over the event every minute of every day is probably not doing much good for your self conficence which is now shot to hell.

Ok this not about a car wreck.  It is about role play when things go wrong and the reason they went wrong rests fully on you.  What do you do when you totally screw up a scene by not doing the simple things like checking profiles for limits?  What if its even worse and you have read the persons profile like 20 times but forget and walk all over them?  Oh and what if its someone you really care about ooc?

That happened to me yesterday and, of course, I apologized but I really have a hard time getting back in it.  Its like i have this sign over my head that says JASMINE SCREWED UP with a huge red arrow to warn everyone  away.


  1. It is like falling off a bicycle jas. It happens, you get up, dust yourself off, maybe bandage a knee, but the key is you get back on the bike. But you knew that.

  2. you know, Jasmine (moose) - i will tell you a secret now: this what you described - happens to me all the time.
    But it is simple really: those who never do something, anything, never make mistakes. The more active one is, the more mistakes one makes too. Is pretty normal i think. And all we can do is work harder on us.
    You did not screw up. It happens and it is past.

  3. Moose darling we have all been there. We're human (despite the avatar in some cases). It contributes to our development as a human being in sl as in rl. Just look at all the people you know in sl and think 'they've done it as well and they're ok'. Kisses sweet one.

  4. Hi moose, it's human to make mistakes, we all do, it's one of the ways we learn, and maybe help to teach others - as you often do. The sooner you get behind the wheels again the sooner we'll all be better off.

    ps. If you want to make "I screwed up" signs maybes you could pass some round? I reckon you'd make a fortune if you sold them.

  5. Umm, I make mistakes all the time. Like the one when I got caught wearing clothes. -- winks an eye....

    Honestly, RP has its good days and its bad days. For me, atleast, the bad days, the ones where I make mistakes, are also the days I learn something new.

    Remember my two rules that I always say during my RP Class? Rule one, have fun.. Rule two, Never break rule one... These are the things you need to remember.

    The PRG needs it most famous Taxi Driver, Road Kill Cook, Reporter, and BalletInstructor and most importantly one of my best friends back....


  6. awwww :: hugs :: dun take it hard. Ask for forgiveness and move forward. I remember I hurt hammer's feelings oocly with an rp. I talked it out with him in im and came to understand him better.

    I just tend to get lost in rps and not think. I'm a giddy school girl with the mindset of, "oh! this is great! its so much fun" that i can get too caught up in the rp and forget the person. Sometimes I have to be brought back down to earth....the hard way!

    we all fuck up. Wouldn't be a lesson or enjoyable if we didn't. I like the words of J Ru, "Hindsight is a beautiful think cause we can look back and see what time can bring." You'll look back on this a different way in time.

    now where's my turkey! :p haha