Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moose Discovers Hospital In Glint

Hello folks its me, Moose?   I wuz doin me  sum walking around and discovered my Road Kill Kafe wuz torn down and that they put up a horse pistol in its place.  Now, it say its an emergency horse pistol what you ken go to if you has an emergency but they is more goin on than meets tha eye.  Yep! 

This horse pistol is SPOOKY!  Oh!  they is all kinds of stuff in there what is spooky. we go with my see what they is ta see at the spooky horse pistol what I found.

Here is tha first picture what I got.  Now notice behind me they is a truck what they call an ambulance.  Well, it aint no ambulance!  Nope!  Look close and you ken plainly see they aint no lights or siren on tha thing.  You gotta have lights and siren to be an ambulance so it aint no ambulance.

Next to me in tha picture is (pauses and gulps)  a dead body what they got layin out here in tha open fur all ta see.  It covered up with a blood soaked sheet what they got.

On tha first floor they got one of them lavatorys what they do experiments in.  Look at all tha fancy equipment and chemicals what they got down here!  Next, we go upstairs.

Ok, up here they got sum stuff fur examination of girls what is pregnant and all.  I remember this here thing with the green mattress frum when I wuz pregnant with Alex.   It is used ta take a picture of the inside of your tummy and see tha baby.  Kinda spooky how it works but it actually sees inside ya and shows you tha baby!

I dont know what this here blue contraption is but it got writing on it.  Maybe it say what it do, but i ain't sure cuz I cant read.

Well folks, there ya have it.  Yep!  They is a spooky horse pistol here in lint!  Now I gonna rebuild tha Road Kill Kafe sum place soon cuz I know y'all gotta eat and that you love my possum pot pie what I make with my special recepie.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Honerable Judge Moose Speaks

Hello again its me moose?  Well they went and made me a judge so now im tha honerable judge moose.  I had me my furst trial and they put it in tha paper where I found missy seabreeze guilty and all.   I wuz kinda sad that i had ta to do that to ma neighbor but she did break the law and had ta pay fur it.

Anyways, I closed tha Kajun Kafe and tha hole in tha wall bar but the road kill kafe is open and offering limited menus with my specialty, possum pot pie.  You ken read ma recepie in an earlier log entry what I got.  I had to close down sum enterprises fur when I gotta be a judgin and stuff.  I will still be running the hot dog stand and sushi bar from time to time.

Now they got sum new folks in tha government, which now includes me!   Well we see whut they is ta see about them changes.

Oh!  they is also cummin up with lots of different transportation, fur offocial government business, in Lint, YEP!  They got these birds what you ken ride!  And, with the oil found off shore?  Well we got oil now fur fuel so we is got some vehicles a goin.  Missy Alley got her a big truck, Missy Cara got her a jeep, Missy Ava got her a golf cart. Well me?  OH!  well I got tha garbage truck I done showed ya last time?  Oh!  and I got me a chopper!  No not a hello chopter.  Emm a motor sickle what I fixed up.  I found me a fire truck and police car but they is gonna need a lotta fixin up a fore any buddy ken use em.

Now the fuel and vehicles is only fur official government business at tha present time and any theft of fuel frum tha official government fillin station what we got is illegal and such.  As fur them birds what you ken ride?  Well just ask me and ill give ya tha bird.

Y'all be safe and Ill see ya in Lint.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moose Says "Hello Chopters and Murines" Brought In Rats and litter!. Vows to Eliminate Rats and Clean Up Glint!

I told ya!

Them murines and they hello chopters is a makin a mess.  Lint is full of rats!  Here is sum pictures of what show them hello chopters and whut they have been bringing into our peaceful paradise what we got!

Here they is!  See!  Them rats is a hoppin off ole Fidel's murine hello chopter like i tole ya!  Yep!  Look at em!  They is millions of em right here in Lint where we live!  Well dont you worry cuz ole moose gonna fix it.

I did a tour and found where them rats nests wuz at and then i got me a garbage truck what i found and got her running so I could go round up them critters!  I got pictures ta show ya how i cleaned up Lint fur ya. 

Here I is talkin to missy majesty about tha rat and litter problem what we got.  There you ken see tha garbage truck what i fixed up fur ta clean up the place.

This is me getting after then rascal rats and a catchen em.  Yep!  I got me a crate and yanked them rats by they tails and threw em in one by one.  Now i might have missed one or two so be careful where ya step in tha dark fur a spell till I get these varments under control.

Now while I wuz grabbing rats I wuz also pickin up tha litter them murines is leavin around.  I think I got most of it but I reckon as long as we got them hello chopters flyin over with litter bugs and rascal rats we gonna have litter and varments!   Now you mark my words!  I tell ya them hello chopters gonna be bringin in tha rats!

Ok I got the litter rats and they litter in tha truck frum over at teh Road Kill Kafe now I is on tha way fur the other nest what they got.  This is me in tha truck a drivin it.  It handles pretty well fur an old heap ya know!

Well here I is on tha other side a cleaning up another rats nest and more litter.  It seems they is a dumping garbage here.  Wish I could read cuz i cant tell if that sign say no dumpin or no parking but anyway I got tha rats and tha litter fur now in ma truck what i got.

Now dont you worry ole moose wont let you down!  Nope!  I gonna clean up this place once and fur all.  OH!  and we got us a new presidente what is named Missy Cara?  Well she is also one of the judges what we got.  Well anyway I reckon I help her clean things up!  Yep!

See ya later!
(mumbles "them pesky murines and they hello chopters")

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moose Investigates "Them Murine Hello Chopters" (thats moose for Marine Helicpoters)

Well folks I is gettin sick and tired of all the noise that them murine hello chopters is a makin yonder in Lint.  Yep!  Now them things fly over ma Road Kill Kafe and Beer Dillo, don't ya see tha problem?  All that noise is a runnin off ma customers.   Err, well at least they would be ah running off ma customers if i had any.

Anyways I got on one of them things so I could see whut they wuz ta see so I is reportin that to ya now.  Here goes.  Oh!  And I got me sum pictures ta show ya of these loud hello chopters what they got.

Here i is waiting on one of them chopters what they got.  Soon one cum by and i jumped on her real quick to see where it wuz goin.

Now tha contraption went straight up!  Well almost.  Anyway it went up up up and over lint where ya could see a fur piece away.

Now here I is flyin over lint purtty as ya please looking down at all they wuz to see.  Well!  This thing went straight fur tha admin building and scared tha be jesus out ah me fur a second till it kinda barely cleared tha roof.  Yep!

Well tha darn thing kept gowing up up and kinda went so high you couldnt see lint no more.   Well it landed in sum funny lookin mall wha they got way up above lint.  Now this mall got sum purtty strange things let me tell you! 

Anyway I decided it best I get back home ta lint so I jumped back on that Hello chopter and skee daddled back.  OH!  and if you go on this thing it gonna have a sign what says dont eat at tha Road Kill Kafe.  Well dont ya believe it cuz sum buddy is just jealous of the fine cuisine what I got.  YEP!  I mean where else is ya gonna find snake on a stick or slap of lab or emm my specialty?  Possum Pot Pie!  Yep!  Cum get ya sum yonder at my kafe what i got. 

See ya next time

Friday, July 16, 2010

How Dee! I Found Me Sum Nifty Exercise Machines What They Got Here!!

I wuz at tha front gate of Lint?  Well they is sum strange goings on there let me tell you.  Now they got these funny looking exercise machines near the gate what is shaped like a big X?  Well I figure they is good fur stretchin ya out so me and Mister Tagg tried one out tha other day and I wanted to show ya how it works. 

Furst you gotta wear these bracelets fur your arms and legs then you get strapped in sorta like you do fur them horizontal beds what I showed you before.  Well then you get strapped in and stretch.  Here is sum pictures of me tryin it out.  As you ken see it also ken help your circulation when sum buddy gives you a few whacks on the bee hind!

Now they got sum other cool exercise stuff yonder at tha boat repair place.  Well that is also where they got them milkers.  Not so sure them milkers is fur fun but I always do my civil duty and get on one when folks ask cuz lord knows they need tha milk fur all these babies bein born and such.

One thing i ain't got figured is whut this here round thing right by tha gate  do?   Well you strap in to this round looking thing and sorta spin around.  I reckon it more of an amusement ride than a exercise machine?  Well it kinda made me dizzy but it wuz kinda fun...well sorta. OH!  car ful cuz these is like them horizontal beds!  YEP!  You get stuck in them things you gonna need help gettin out!  So best try em out with sum buddy what ken get you loose!

Well, emm they is sum new stuff in these parts what I gonna show ya later.  Yep!  They got oil now! and they got one of them service stations yonder by the admin building. I take you there to have a look to see what they is to see.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tha Moose is Back

Tha moose has her name back granted by La Presidente herself. 

When you come to the Dark Den you will find her rolling her hot dog stand through the streets of Glint.  She has also opened the Cajun Kafe on mainstreet, updated the Road Kill Kafe, put the ballet school on the second floor of Road Kill Kafe, and opened the Hole in tha Wall bar.

For now she has put the taxi in storage as there seems to be motorized transportation available including a huge truck.  I wonder if anyone realizes that truck has the labels of the US ARMY?   If the army comes to claim the truck it could get ugly.

stay tuned