Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moose Investigates "Them Murine Hello Chopters" (thats moose for Marine Helicpoters)

Well folks I is gettin sick and tired of all the noise that them murine hello chopters is a makin yonder in Lint.  Yep!  Now them things fly over ma Road Kill Kafe and Beer Dillo, don't ya see tha problem?  All that noise is a runnin off ma customers.   Err, well at least they would be ah running off ma customers if i had any.

Anyways I got on one of them things so I could see whut they wuz ta see so I is reportin that to ya now.  Here goes.  Oh!  And I got me sum pictures ta show ya of these loud hello chopters what they got.

Here i is waiting on one of them chopters what they got.  Soon one cum by and i jumped on her real quick to see where it wuz goin.

Now tha contraption went straight up!  Well almost.  Anyway it went up up up and over lint where ya could see a fur piece away.

Now here I is flyin over lint purtty as ya please looking down at all they wuz to see.  Well!  This thing went straight fur tha admin building and scared tha be jesus out ah me fur a second till it kinda barely cleared tha roof.  Yep!

Well tha darn thing kept gowing up up and kinda went so high you couldnt see lint no more.   Well it landed in sum funny lookin mall wha they got way up above lint.  Now this mall got sum purtty strange things let me tell you! 

Anyway I decided it best I get back home ta lint so I jumped back on that Hello chopter and skee daddled back.  OH!  and if you go on this thing it gonna have a sign what says dont eat at tha Road Kill Kafe.  Well dont ya believe it cuz sum buddy is just jealous of the fine cuisine what I got.  YEP!  I mean where else is ya gonna find snake on a stick or slap of lab or emm my specialty?  Possum Pot Pie!  Yep!  Cum get ya sum yonder at my kafe what i got. 

See ya next time


  1. Does the sign really say, not to eat at your café? Thats mean, I wonder who is so jealous of your fine cuisine?

  2. Its that pesky gardner! She had it in fur me frum tha furst day, or maybe the second, anyway she jealous of my culinary skills what I got i reckon.