Monday, July 26, 2010

The Honerable Judge Moose Speaks

Hello again its me moose?  Well they went and made me a judge so now im tha honerable judge moose.  I had me my furst trial and they put it in tha paper where I found missy seabreeze guilty and all.   I wuz kinda sad that i had ta to do that to ma neighbor but she did break the law and had ta pay fur it.

Anyways, I closed tha Kajun Kafe and tha hole in tha wall bar but the road kill kafe is open and offering limited menus with my specialty, possum pot pie.  You ken read ma recepie in an earlier log entry what I got.  I had to close down sum enterprises fur when I gotta be a judgin and stuff.  I will still be running the hot dog stand and sushi bar from time to time.

Now they got sum new folks in tha government, which now includes me!   Well we see whut they is ta see about them changes.

Oh!  they is also cummin up with lots of different transportation, fur offocial government business, in Lint, YEP!  They got these birds what you ken ride!  And, with the oil found off shore?  Well we got oil now fur fuel so we is got some vehicles a goin.  Missy Alley got her a big truck, Missy Cara got her a jeep, Missy Ava got her a golf cart. Well me?  OH!  well I got tha garbage truck I done showed ya last time?  Oh!  and I got me a chopper!  No not a hello chopter.  Emm a motor sickle what I fixed up.  I found me a fire truck and police car but they is gonna need a lotta fixin up a fore any buddy ken use em.

Now the fuel and vehicles is only fur official government business at tha present time and any theft of fuel frum tha official government fillin station what we got is illegal and such.  As fur them birds what you ken ride?  Well just ask me and ill give ya tha bird.

Y'all be safe and Ill see ya in Lint.

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  1. And what about bicycles, honorable judge Moose? As I learned in court , I need a licence to ride mine. Can you tell me who issues them, please?