Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moose Discovers Hospital In Glint

Hello folks its me, Moose?   I wuz doin me  sum walking around and discovered my Road Kill Kafe wuz torn down and that they put up a horse pistol in its place.  Now, it say its an emergency horse pistol what you ken go to if you has an emergency but they is more goin on than meets tha eye.  Yep! 

This horse pistol is SPOOKY!  Oh!  they is all kinds of stuff in there what is spooky. we go with my see what they is ta see at the spooky horse pistol what I found.

Here is tha first picture what I got.  Now notice behind me they is a truck what they call an ambulance.  Well, it aint no ambulance!  Nope!  Look close and you ken plainly see they aint no lights or siren on tha thing.  You gotta have lights and siren to be an ambulance so it aint no ambulance.

Next to me in tha picture is (pauses and gulps)  a dead body what they got layin out here in tha open fur all ta see.  It covered up with a blood soaked sheet what they got.

On tha first floor they got one of them lavatorys what they do experiments in.  Look at all tha fancy equipment and chemicals what they got down here!  Next, we go upstairs.

Ok, up here they got sum stuff fur examination of girls what is pregnant and all.  I remember this here thing with the green mattress frum when I wuz pregnant with Alex.   It is used ta take a picture of the inside of your tummy and see tha baby.  Kinda spooky how it works but it actually sees inside ya and shows you tha baby!

I dont know what this here blue contraption is but it got writing on it.  Maybe it say what it do, but i ain't sure cuz I cant read.

Well folks, there ya have it.  Yep!  They is a spooky horse pistol here in lint!  Now I gonna rebuild tha Road Kill Kafe sum place soon cuz I know y'all gotta eat and that you love my possum pot pie what I make with my special recepie.

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