Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moose Says "Hello Chopters and Murines" Brought In Rats and litter!. Vows to Eliminate Rats and Clean Up Glint!

I told ya!

Them murines and they hello chopters is a makin a mess.  Lint is full of rats!  Here is sum pictures of what show them hello chopters and whut they have been bringing into our peaceful paradise what we got!

Here they is!  See!  Them rats is a hoppin off ole Fidel's murine hello chopter like i tole ya!  Yep!  Look at em!  They is millions of em right here in Lint where we live!  Well dont you worry cuz ole moose gonna fix it.

I did a tour and found where them rats nests wuz at and then i got me a garbage truck what i found and got her running so I could go round up them critters!  I got pictures ta show ya how i cleaned up Lint fur ya. 

Here I is talkin to missy majesty about tha rat and litter problem what we got.  There you ken see tha garbage truck what i fixed up fur ta clean up the place.

This is me getting after then rascal rats and a catchen em.  Yep!  I got me a crate and yanked them rats by they tails and threw em in one by one.  Now i might have missed one or two so be careful where ya step in tha dark fur a spell till I get these varments under control.

Now while I wuz grabbing rats I wuz also pickin up tha litter them murines is leavin around.  I think I got most of it but I reckon as long as we got them hello chopters flyin over with litter bugs and rascal rats we gonna have litter and varments!   Now you mark my words!  I tell ya them hello chopters gonna be bringin in tha rats!

Ok I got the litter rats and they litter in tha truck frum over at teh Road Kill Kafe now I is on tha way fur the other nest what they got.  This is me in tha truck a drivin it.  It handles pretty well fur an old heap ya know!

Well here I is on tha other side a cleaning up another rats nest and more litter.  It seems they is a dumping garbage here.  Wish I could read cuz i cant tell if that sign say no dumpin or no parking but anyway I got tha rats and tha litter fur now in ma truck what i got.

Now dont you worry ole moose wont let you down!  Nope!  I gonna clean up this place once and fur all.  OH!  and we got us a new presidente what is named Missy Cara?  Well she is also one of the judges what we got.  Well anyway I reckon I help her clean things up!  Yep!

See ya later!
(mumbles "them pesky murines and they hello chopters")

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