Friday, July 16, 2010

How Dee! I Found Me Sum Nifty Exercise Machines What They Got Here!!

I wuz at tha front gate of Lint?  Well they is sum strange goings on there let me tell you.  Now they got these funny looking exercise machines near the gate what is shaped like a big X?  Well I figure they is good fur stretchin ya out so me and Mister Tagg tried one out tha other day and I wanted to show ya how it works. 

Furst you gotta wear these bracelets fur your arms and legs then you get strapped in sorta like you do fur them horizontal beds what I showed you before.  Well then you get strapped in and stretch.  Here is sum pictures of me tryin it out.  As you ken see it also ken help your circulation when sum buddy gives you a few whacks on the bee hind!

Now they got sum other cool exercise stuff yonder at tha boat repair place.  Well that is also where they got them milkers.  Not so sure them milkers is fur fun but I always do my civil duty and get on one when folks ask cuz lord knows they need tha milk fur all these babies bein born and such.

One thing i ain't got figured is whut this here round thing right by tha gate  do?   Well you strap in to this round looking thing and sorta spin around.  I reckon it more of an amusement ride than a exercise machine?  Well it kinda made me dizzy but it wuz kinda fun...well sorta. OH!  car ful cuz these is like them horizontal beds!  YEP!  You get stuck in them things you gonna need help gettin out!  So best try em out with sum buddy what ken get you loose!

Well, emm they is sum new stuff in these parts what I gonna show ya later.  Yep!  They got oil now! and they got one of them service stations yonder by the admin building. I take you there to have a look to see what they is to see.

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