Sunday, May 30, 2010

Traits of a Dominant

I asked my top, MsKathy to describe a dominant.   Ms Kathy is a dominant but has not been in SL much.  Her viewpoint is from her experience in RL BDSm scenes.  Her response is printed below: ((OOC Content))

Traits of a Dominant  (not all inclusive and perhaps some will overlap)

1.  Service:  Submission is not taken it is given.  The submissive is using your dominance for their pleasure.  You should be getting pleasure from their submission as well but they are the customer and you are the vendor.

2.  Responsibility:  You have another human being incapacitated. They are depending on you for their safety. Take the time to learn before you make someone else burn. Know your scene. Know the safety challenges and if it is too dangerous don't do it.

3.  Self Control: There is a tendency to want to give the sub what they want. It is the dominant that decides if it will happen. If it is too dangerous or if the sub is not ready then the Dom has to be the one who stops it.

4.  Pride: Recognize your strengths! False pride however can be dangerous. When dealing with the life of another, as some scenes in fact do, you need to trust yourself but you must accept your limitations. For example breast suspension requires a knowledge of physics and anatomy. If you think you know what your doing and you don't you have a seriously injured person or worse.

5.  Respect: Give what you get and get what you give.

6. Self Respect: This is part of self acceptance and self esteem. You should not need to tie a person over a   chair and whip them to feel good. Your not spanking them because you want it your spanking them because they want it.

7.  Patience: Vital to the relationship is patience on the part of the dominant. The submissive may not be ready for what the dominant wants now. This is life. The D/s relationship is a work in progress and never completed but always improved. Pushing the submissive beyond their ability or over their fears is much like pulling a rope and watching it unravel and break. That rope is no longer usable!

8.  Loyalty: For trust to occur, both sides of the relationship must be loyal to each other.

9.  Intelligence: This is common sense not a PHD in BDSm.  This is also knowing what the toys do and how they work. It is also knowing how to do things like bondage without ripping an arm off or dislocating a shoulder. Using ones head. I always say that anything you plan in a scene should be safe beyond question. I do not want to have to explain things in an ER.
10.  Humility: To see yourself as another human and not as a god. Humility requires that the dominant possess a feeling of self worth and to understand they are fallible. Feet of clay just like anyone else.
11.  Honesty: The D/s relationship is based on trust. Without honesty there is no trust and there is no relationship. Again open communication without fear of retribution in both directions.
12.  Strength of character: showing natural leadership ability. The ability and desire to care for another human being.   This is what the submissive is attracted to
13.  Acceptance: Accept yourself first including your shortcomings. Accept the dominant mind set without apology. Only by accepting this can you accept the submissive for who they are and appreciate their mind set
14.  Courtesy: This applies not just to peers but to the submissive as well. Manners and respectful tone. A dominant can say please and can show appreciation with a thank you.
15.  Compassion: Understanding and responding to the submissive's motives. This means observing actions and analyzing of the motives behind the actions of the submissive. This also applys to the submissive's reluctance to serve.
16.  Communication:. The ability to listen as well as speak. Honest communication is vital to the relationship between submissive and Dominant. Honest, open communication is vital and it must be bidirectional.
17.  The Dominant carries themselves with grace and charm. The scene flows without hesitation or confusion. Note this takes rehearsals!!!
 18: DOMINANT DOES NOT EQUAL MALE OR FEMALE!  Dominance is a mind set not a gender factor.  The tendancy of males to be in a Dominant role and submissive to be female went out when women became CEO.  Live with it!  Get over it!



The Mama Allpa Clinic has a new face now with the changes what you might have heard about.  The new clinic has all teh modern equipment what they had at the other clinic with a more nicer interior and they got a sittin place fur the new mommies ta sit at.

Me and Dr. Sabi and Missy Mindi went yonder to the clinic today to see how fur along Mindi wuz and we found that she was pretty well pregnant and all.  They wuz also a fire what we had but it was put out a fore it caused any damage to nuthin.  They sure has been sum strange goings on in PRG lately!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moose Visits Old Friends at Silvers Biker Bar and Rodeo

I went to my friends place what has a nice carnival and rodeo!  Now this is kinda nice what with the rides they is building.  They gonna be a log flume, ferris wheel, merry go round thingy and of course cotton candy and candy apples and such.  They also have a rodeo and I tried my hand at bull riding.  I stayed on fur tha full 8 seconds but I didnt make tha cut fur a buckle this time.

My friends Nicholle and Silver has been my friends since I started.  We all met at BBWorld what I showed you earlier.  Now they got they own place what has all this nice carnival and rodeo.  They will also have a residential area what you ken build a residence on.  
They have competitions and they also got a nice dance club what you can dance in.  What would be real nice is if they had a fishin spot what you could fish in and maybe a duck pond what has ducks swimmin in it fur relaxin. 
I gonna keep lookin around ta see what they is ta see so cum on back and visit with me.  If you got an idea where you want me to go look let me know and I go check it out.

Moose Travels To CARP

I kinda got itchy feet and did me sum travelin.  I went to this place what they call CARP.  Now here is sum pictures what I took of tha place.  Here is whut i seen.

They got a nice little house whut you ken walk into.  Outside they got signs with writin on it what say sum thin.  Now I see they got a nice bunch of folks here what visit inside and they got one of them tele port systems what you ken use to get around to the different places in CARP. 
They got hedges what is kinda purtty but i dont see no flowers or trees or nuthin around.  I didnt go in cuz you gotta have a secret hand shake or sum thin to get in.
Now here is a shot of tha tele porter thing?  What it duz is it will transport you to the places in CARP whut they have.  They got a school area what has classes and they got sum thing called an entry point, a lobby, and sum other places what you ken go to.

They gotta nice cozy sittin area in tha lobby what you ken sit in.  You ken also talk to folks what know they way around.  They is called invitors.  These here invitors know the ropes (no pun intended) and ken help ya with gettin that secret hand shake and all.

Here i is at the classroom area what they got?  Its a nice open area what has sum places ta sit and all.  I reckon it dont rain much here but if it does?  they got this barn lookin thing you ken get into.

Now this is a strange little place what they call tha entry point.  Emm,  you gotta have that secret hand shake ta get any further inside here but i reckon this is where tha action is once you get past them rocks you see in this here picture.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Law Firm Considering Locations In Glint

Announcin the intention of three prominent lawyers what is considering location here in lint.  The Law Firm of Dewey Cheatem & Howe is well known for their unique resolution of disputes what people have.  You might recognize these lawyer fellers frum tha television if we had one but since we don't then you might not.  Mr. Larry Dewey, Moe Cheatum, and Curley Howe will be visiting Lint in the dark of night since lawyers is not to well received here.  At the current time the only lawyer in lint is burried six feet under tha plazza what we got and is not currently taking no cases fur the reason of him being dead and all.

Reckon they will be openin offices next door to Dr. Lou Ne Bin but they may want to be closer to tha courthouse what we got.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Doctor Wants to Do Study Here ...I need me a name fur my baby.....

Dr. Lou Ne Bin

I has been contacted by a Doctor what is Asian?  He is a Psychiatrist what wants ta do a study here in PRG. 
Seems this here doctor specializes in group dynamics or sum thin like that.  I aint very good with book learning so I aint really understandin all he got to say but he was askin if he could put a clinic here in lint.  Well he talked to me and I done told him about recent events here.  He wuz saying he would have to get back to me because the origninal floor plan fur the clinic he was a plannin here was way to small. 

Meanwhile muh baby whut is gonna be a boy is due soon.  Now I is a little scared cuz I aint been no mama before.  Now whut would be nice is fur y'all ta help me with a name fur tha boy.  I reckon he gonna be a master sum day so it gotta be sum thin a master would be called i reckon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Kill Kafe Menu Items

How dee, its me again, Moose?  Well I got me a menu fur ya ta look at.  Yep!  Now they gonna be more added later so dont worry about that but here is whut we got fur now:

  • Pan Baked Snake
  • Center Line Bovine (Straight frum tha hood)
  • Flat Cat (Served single or stack)
  • Bloat Goat (Naturally Aged)
Guess That Mess Supprise (Daily Special Kill of tha Day)

Tastes on Tha Wild Side
  • Toad ala Road
  • Swirl of Squirrel
  • Narrow Sparrow
  • Chunk of Skunk
Head Light Delight
  • Rack of Raccoon
  • Possum Pot Pie

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moose's Roadkill Kafe and Beer Dillo

How dee folks!  Its me, Moose?  Well I done closed tha ballet school fur now and built me a kafe what you is all invited to.  Yep!  Its gonna feature all my recipies what I use fur my famous road kill cuisine what I got.

Now we got sum outside tables what Tami suggested and we got sum nice tables inside too if you perfer.  The kitchen is modern with all tha stuff needed fur proper kookin and other activities whut you might not expect.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What Tha Hell Is BDSM Anyway?

BDSM is mentioned a lot and some dont even know what it means much less what it entails.  BDSM is an acronym for:
Bondage Discipline and SadoMasochism

Bondage Discipline also can be seen as D/s (Dominant/submissive) or Top and Bottom.  

What about Sado Masochism?  Sado Machochism could be something like  a cattle prod touching the skin or it could be a feather touching the skin instead.  Which one occurs depends not on the dominant but on the limits of the submissive. 

BDSM is not sex however it does enhance sexual pleasure when used within reason.  It can be as simple as being covered in whip cream or as complicated as breast  suspension from the ceiling. 

The needs of the submissive should drive the show.  The desire to please the master or mistress is, or should be, matched by the desire of the dominant to please the submissive.  Think of it as trying out a service such as going to a restaurant.   If  the service sucks, you aint comming back.  If the needs of the sub are not met then the D/s relationship is short lived. 

Oddly, the Dominant is often under more stress than the submissive.   The Dominant is the one who must create the scene within the limits of the submissive.  The Dominant is ALWAYS responsible for the safety of the sub phycially and emotionally.   Some submissives can be relatively demanding as to what they want in their scene.....especially the ones who are paying for that scene!!

So BDSM is not spanking the submissive as much as it is giving the submissive what they want. There are times when what the submissive wants is not safe.   In that case the Dominant must say no even when the submissive says YES!

To look at some RL BDSM Toys:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Moose's Ballet School Grand Opening Soon!

Moose is practicing her moves for the Grand Opening of Moose's Ballet School.  Moose did seem to have belly dancing confused with ballet dancing, however, Miss Lacey explained the two are not quite the same.  Moose has installed the needed equipment for barre exercises.  For those interested,  apply at the school located in back of the bath house in Glint. 

The school is open 7x24 however the prima ballerena, Moose, will only be at the school during select hours for her classes.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moose's Ballet School Open For Business By Request of Alley Cat

Emm, don't know if you heard?  But Miss Ladee Maam, Yahzi, Alley Cat done wanted me to open ah ballet studio?  Well ole moose put one up yonder by Missy Sunrise what has a house next door.  Well, emm, I got me sum mirrors and them bars what ballet places have fur tha dancers to hold on to so they don't fall down when they is practicin.
Cum on by and see it and if you want them lessons?  Well sign up there on tha desk what i got.  Now they is one thing?  I kinda never done ballet before but i has done, emm, powl dancin?  And i has also done belly dancing.  Now since belly and ballet sound alike?  Well how much different can the be, right?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moose Found Safe

Moose came back to Glint where she put up a throne and attempted to have court and make several proclaimations.  This angered the local government officials but nothing was done until the gardner herself took the situation in hand and put our moose in her rightful place as, well, Tha Moose!   Now our moose has the dubious honor of being the "Fattest Cow In Glint"

Moose was also told to return to her taxi duties because a cow can be worked and used while pregnant.  Moose is to perform her "civil duties."  Moose could very well be running the taxi until she gives birth as one would expect from a cow her size.

We hear from Tha Moose below and be sure to see the links to the Dark Den Blog for pictures of Moose's humiliation as she is put in her place as "The Fattest Cow In Glint"

"Emm, well reckon I is kinda retired frum be in queen?   Well, emm Miss Ladee Maam, yachtzee, alley cat done kinda explained I fit more better as tha emm, lint cow so now i'm the, well Im tha fattest cow in lint.

I reckon you ken see fur ya self by readin tha paper what they got yonder.  Emm tha links is below what show how I kinda went frum queen ta cow'
Now i wanna thank ma friends what i gave positions in ma queen dumb what is now more of a cow dumb i reckon?  I done knighted sir Zee and made him kinda the captain of tha guard but hell he was tha royal guard.   Then they wuz Missy Janay whut wuz my Prime Ministrator.  Reckon they is retired too.  "
Moose Declared The Glint Cow Her Queendom Ends

More Photos of "The Fattest Cow In Glint" Put In Her Place

Friday, May 7, 2010

Carriage Of Moose's Taxi Service Spotted In Glint!

It appears that Moose's carriage has been spotted in Glint. 

A fence has been erected around the carriage to perserve the scene for investigators. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Message From Moose

Moose has been sighted in neighboring countries wearing her crown and claiming to be the Queen of PRG in exile.

"I is tha Queen of tha Peoples Public of Lint and i is in exile what with all the strange goins on over yonder.  It is dangerous over there now with all tha hissy fits and fightin.  Yep!  Seems we is havin sum problem with tha alignment of mars and jupiter or sum thin what is throwing the whole place out of whack.

So i is pro claimin me as Queen so as ta save lint frum its own darn self!   yep!  These are all nice folks and it is a shame ta see them a quarellin over stuff what is going on yonder.  Now as Queen i gonna solve all them problems as soon as i figure out just how ta do that, emm oh!  Yeah a plan!  Yeah thats it im gonna get me a plan!  Just you wait and see.  Ole Queen Moose gonna get me a plan. YEP!"

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today there was evidence that Moose is suffering from Pregnancy Insanity

It is a known fact that pregnancy can have this effect on women.  Moose has had a major mood swing and is now in belief she is the Queen of PRG.  She has also shown hostility in ther verbal response to one Sir Hammer and she kicked one of the Molesteri (Sir Sin)  in both knees and ran as he gently attempted to apprehend her.  This is not the moose we know.  Clearly she is having an insanity attack related to her pregnancy and perhaps because her master seems to have deserted her and run off  with another girl.

Other evidence that Moose is suffering from Pregnancy Insanity is she has destroyed her home!  The nice home she had is now completely gone!  It is possible she has taken the buggy with her as it has dissappeared as well.

Moose was last seen wearing a crown and red ball gown headed behind the laundromat when disappeared from view.  It is not known at this time if she was assisted by the witch Marie Leveau however that cannot be dismiised as they seem to be crossing paths often.

If you see moose please notify authroities  Do however be careful becuase our moose weighs in over 300 lbs if violent could cause damage.  Leave apprenhension to trained professionals!  Remember MOOSE is a description and a name!

More later as events develop.