Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moose's Ballet School Open For Business By Request of Alley Cat

Emm, don't know if you heard?  But Miss Ladee Maam, Yahzi, Alley Cat done wanted me to open ah ballet studio?  Well ole moose put one up yonder by Missy Sunrise what has a house next door.  Well, emm, I got me sum mirrors and them bars what ballet places have fur tha dancers to hold on to so they don't fall down when they is practicin.
Cum on by and see it and if you want them lessons?  Well sign up there on tha desk what i got.  Now they is one thing?  I kinda never done ballet before but i has done, emm, powl dancin?  And i has also done belly dancing.  Now since belly and ballet sound alike?  Well how much different can the be, right?

1 comment:

  1. ballet = more graceful than belly dancing

    belly dancing = more fun than ballet

    i'm belly dancing bias though