Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moose Travels To CARP

I kinda got itchy feet and did me sum travelin.  I went to this place what they call CARP.  Now here is sum pictures what I took of tha place.  Here is whut i seen.

They got a nice little house whut you ken walk into.  Outside they got signs with writin on it what say sum thin.  Now I see they got a nice bunch of folks here what visit inside and they got one of them tele port systems what you ken use to get around to the different places in CARP. 
They got hedges what is kinda purtty but i dont see no flowers or trees or nuthin around.  I didnt go in cuz you gotta have a secret hand shake or sum thin to get in.
Now here is a shot of tha tele porter thing?  What it duz is it will transport you to the places in CARP whut they have.  They got a school area what has classes and they got sum thing called an entry point, a lobby, and sum other places what you ken go to.

They gotta nice cozy sittin area in tha lobby what you ken sit in.  You ken also talk to folks what know they way around.  They is called invitors.  These here invitors know the ropes (no pun intended) and ken help ya with gettin that secret hand shake and all.

Here i is at the classroom area what they got?  Its a nice open area what has sum places ta sit and all.  I reckon it dont rain much here but if it does?  they got this barn lookin thing you ken get into.

Now this is a strange little place what they call tha entry point.  Emm,  you gotta have that secret hand shake ta get any further inside here but i reckon this is where tha action is once you get past them rocks you see in this here picture.

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