Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Doctor Wants to Do Study Here ...I need me a name fur my baby.....

Dr. Lou Ne Bin

I has been contacted by a Doctor what is Asian?  He is a Psychiatrist what wants ta do a study here in PRG. 
Seems this here doctor specializes in group dynamics or sum thin like that.  I aint very good with book learning so I aint really understandin all he got to say but he was askin if he could put a clinic here in lint.  Well he talked to me and I done told him about recent events here.  He wuz saying he would have to get back to me because the origninal floor plan fur the clinic he was a plannin here was way to small. 

Meanwhile muh baby whut is gonna be a boy is due soon.  Now I is a little scared cuz I aint been no mama before.  Now whut would be nice is fur y'all ta help me with a name fur tha boy.  I reckon he gonna be a master sum day so it gotta be sum thin a master would be called i reckon.


  1. Alces
    Sir Alces
    Proud and noble and just.
    Raise him well moose.
    Teach him to respect all who deserve respect.
    And that true honour lies in protecting those weaker than oneself, not in abusing one's strength to belittle them.

    Dr. Venn

  2. bob. I like bob. i used this