Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Kill Kafe Menu Items

How dee, its me again, Moose?  Well I got me a menu fur ya ta look at.  Yep!  Now they gonna be more added later so dont worry about that but here is whut we got fur now:

  • Pan Baked Snake
  • Center Line Bovine (Straight frum tha hood)
  • Flat Cat (Served single or stack)
  • Bloat Goat (Naturally Aged)
Guess That Mess Supprise (Daily Special Kill of tha Day)

Tastes on Tha Wild Side
  • Toad ala Road
  • Swirl of Squirrel
  • Narrow Sparrow
  • Chunk of Skunk
Head Light Delight
  • Rack of Raccoon
  • Possum Pot Pie


  1. No Cock of croc,then?

    Snare of hare, Squish of fish?


  2. OH!
    Not sure about the hare? But we ken sure get squish o fish and cock of crock from local sources what I know about.

  3. Chinese New Year usually includes canine consumption, which is supposed to enhance male enjoyment and is not to be eaten by females.

    Maybe we'll look forward to seeing "Flogged Dog" next February 3?

    Because 2011 will be the year of the rabbit, maybe the Snare of Hare can be unveiled for female enjoyment that day, too.

  4. Emm cuz you asked I added Canine Cuisine:

    Slab of Lab
    Poodles 'n' Noodles
    German Shepard Pie (proper name German Shepard Dog Pie)
    Round of HOund
    Regal Beagle
    Collie Hit By Trolley

    For rabbit and Hare lovers:
    Thumper on a Bumper

    I hope these here additions meet with your satisfaction