Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moose Visits Old Friends at Silvers Biker Bar and Rodeo

I went to my friends place what has a nice carnival and rodeo!  Now this is kinda nice what with the rides they is building.  They gonna be a log flume, ferris wheel, merry go round thingy and of course cotton candy and candy apples and such.  They also have a rodeo and I tried my hand at bull riding.  I stayed on fur tha full 8 seconds but I didnt make tha cut fur a buckle this time.

My friends Nicholle and Silver has been my friends since I started.  We all met at BBWorld what I showed you earlier.  Now they got they own place what has all this nice carnival and rodeo.  They will also have a residential area what you ken build a residence on.  
They have competitions and they also got a nice dance club what you can dance in.  What would be real nice is if they had a fishin spot what you could fish in and maybe a duck pond what has ducks swimmin in it fur relaxin. 
I gonna keep lookin around ta see what they is ta see so cum on back and visit with me.  If you got an idea where you want me to go look let me know and I go check it out.

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