Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moose Found Safe

Moose came back to Glint where she put up a throne and attempted to have court and make several proclaimations.  This angered the local government officials but nothing was done until the gardner herself took the situation in hand and put our moose in her rightful place as, well, Tha Moose!   Now our moose has the dubious honor of being the "Fattest Cow In Glint"

Moose was also told to return to her taxi duties because a cow can be worked and used while pregnant.  Moose is to perform her "civil duties."  Moose could very well be running the taxi until she gives birth as one would expect from a cow her size.

We hear from Tha Moose below and be sure to see the links to the Dark Den Blog for pictures of Moose's humiliation as she is put in her place as "The Fattest Cow In Glint"

"Emm, well reckon I is kinda retired frum be in queen?   Well, emm Miss Ladee Maam, yachtzee, alley cat done kinda explained I fit more better as tha emm, lint cow so now i'm the, well Im tha fattest cow in lint.

I reckon you ken see fur ya self by readin tha paper what they got yonder.  Emm tha links is below what show how I kinda went frum queen ta cow'
Now i wanna thank ma friends what i gave positions in ma queen dumb what is now more of a cow dumb i reckon?  I done knighted sir Zee and made him kinda the captain of tha guard but hell he was tha royal guard.   Then they wuz Missy Janay whut wuz my Prime Ministrator.  Reckon they is retired too.  "
Moose Declared The Glint Cow Her Queendom Ends

More Photos of "The Fattest Cow In Glint" Put In Her Place


  1. aww and z went and made a title "Queendom of Moose" for himself. hehe. oh well he can give himself a new one. thats why i let him join the group.

    maybe king z....after he goes for molesteri.

  2. emm, King Z?
    Now that do have a nice ring to it.