Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Tour of Tha Gym Over At Tha Spooky House Here in Glint

Hello Again, it's me, Moose, ta show ya tha gym they got in that spooky house where im stayin. Now its got some very interesting exercise stuff there.

You get in all kinds of positions on these machines and some of them is quite pleasurable once you get over tha invasion of your private areas **blush.

Once again you wanna be careful cuz these machines is hard ta get out of once your in so be sure to bring sum buddy with ya to help ya get loose after your exercisie is done.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Department of Immigration

This here is a shot of tha immigration office.

Well Miss Ladee Maam done made me a immigration officer givin out visas to folks what happen along. It is my responsibility ta let em know about things like tha no panty law, to get they name and where they from and all.

Now we run a tight ship here at Glint so dont break any laws including the ones we make up as we go along or you might just find your self chained to a powl and given a cavity search by ole moose here.

Strange Beds At Glint!

OK Remember when I told you about tha beds that was mounted on tha wall? Well they got some in tha spooky house and at the beer dillo. Not sure why anyone would wanna sleep standing up but here as you can plainly see is a bed mounted on tha wall!

Now it does work, I mean you ken actually get on it but it kinda straps ya in sorta. Well now its kinda good to prevent restless nites cuz its pretty snug with the chains and all so your not able to toss and turn like with regular beds.
Oh and be careful cuz when you get in one? Well you get good and stuck so you need help from sum buddy to get loose!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Special Possum Recipie

Now I figure y'all may wunder how i keep fit here at Glint? Well i got these chores what make me hungry and remember when I told you back yonder that you can find stuff ta eat if you look here in Glint? Well here is an example of the fine eatin I enjoy here. In this case all you need is a possum sum veggies, flour, and sum eggs.

Here is a picture of what a Possum looks like? Now you ken find one dead or alive fur this recepie. Sum prefer road kill to fightin tha possum. For example when I run over a critter I usually put it in tha buggy fur kookin later.

Ok here goes tha recepie:

How ta cook a possum pie:

Ok first you need ur possum. Oh i say a five pounder will do.

Cut her into serving pieces and prepare tha fixins ( water, salt, two chopped celery stiks, two karrots cut up, one onion chopped. )

Prepare tha pie crust with two cups flour, four eggs, and sum hot water.

Now place that possum in a pot add water to cover her up and dump tha fixins mentioned above in that pot.

Simmer till tha possum is tender, oh two hours would do her.

Strain tha broth out and pour into a kleen kettle.

Simmer a while.

Now discard tha bones and skin what come loose.

Ok, now, time ta make tha pie krust with tha flour, eggs and such.

Dump it all in tha pot and sturr it up.

Serves up to 8, or one servin for me. **blush

((this recipe is for entertainment purposes and should not be attempted at home. It is for avatar consumption only!))

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sabi Done Accused Me of Hiding Chocolate But That Ain't So!

This is ma friend Sabi and she is expectin a baby soon. This picture is taken at tha clinic when I wuz tryin to get her in touch with the doctor.

Poor Sabi has been havin problems with harmone balance and got the strange notion that I was hording chocolate when that just aint so.

Sabi tricked me, stripped me of ma clothes, and chained me by ma boobs and dragged me to the gathering spot naked as a jaybird sayin i am hording chocolate. I explained to Missy Ava that I dont horde chocolate I just eat any chocolate I see.

Now Sabi got mad and dragged me and strapped me to this strange machine and hooked ma boobs up and know what? that thing done milked me like I was some cow!

Well I figured it was because of a full moon or sum thin? But! It turns out that they say Missy Sabi is having a hormone imbalance from her pregnancy so thats why we went over to tha clinic. And oh I took this here picture when we was there.

Ya Can't Milk No Rooster!

Ok we need to get this settled since so many of you want to have your cock milked.
Here is a rooster and notice this cock got NO TEATS. Now with no teats a cock can't be milked end of story.
Oh and besides that, they aint got rooster one in Glint! I know cuz i looked hi and low fur one.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moose Finds Her Home In Glint

Now they say this here spooky house is haunted but that aint so. There is some strange sounds i admit but they is most likely wind or sum thin.
This here is ma bedroom and I kinda had to use the bedspread shortly after I arrived here in Glint to make me a dress to wear cuz ma clothes wuz taken away. Fortunately I found ma suitcase with ma duds in it so I dont need tha bedspread dress no more except maybe a special occasion.
Now as you ken see tha house is fine it just needs sum paint mending, and tender lovin care.
Later I will show you tha fancy spa here and tha gym with exercise equipment they got upstairs. Now there is one thing i do find a little peculiar? They got beds on tha wall! Now that aint just here they also got beds on tha wall over to tha beer dillo and ill show you those as i continue our little tour of Glint. Now why in tha world would they have a bed on tha wall? I mean who sleeps standin up except maybe a horse?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moose Power & Light

Hi there again thanks fur stoppin in. Well one of tha jobs i have taken on here at Glnt is providing power to run the small appliances and the lectrified fences and also fur tha clinic.

Well we is a long way from Hoover Dam and they aint no dynamo on this island but ole moose. Now i get on this here portable generator and run it till we get tha needed killowatts to run Glint. I'll tell you between being the taxi and the power generator? I get powerful hungry but luckily they is planty of food if ya look hard enough.

When ya cum by Glint and see me generating power? Don't be bashful just say hi and i'll say hi back or sum such thing. Oh by tha way? If you happen to have a burger, fries, and a milkshake ta spare? Well i would be powerful grateful to accept it.


**Knocks from inside your computer screen.

Hello? Emm, are you there? Well my name is moose cuz thats the only name i got. I rekon I got that name cuz im kinda big and kinda strong. I been here in this place called Glint? Well it is a magikal place in tha beer mooda tangle what has the strangest goings on you ken imagine!

I have a taxi service here at Glint. Not sure how I got into it but it all started when I met this feller they call Ghost who kinda hypnotized me. In fact its kinda strange cuz when I am a runnin my taxi sometimes I grow hoofs, a tail, and get a strange urge find a stall and roll in tha hay with a security officer by tha name of Sir Hammer.

People is always breaking the law here and if they have a day where no buddy breaks a law well they just make up a new law so they can have a law breaker kinda on demand. Now once they give this person their fair trial and find em guilty as charged they go to the punishment phase which involves some chaining up to a powl.

The punishment is where i come in cuz i have to do ma civil duty on em which involves a thorough frisking and cavity search. Now with some of tha prisoners this is quite a chore but with some it is somewhat enjoyable. **blushes.

If i was to sum it all up i would say that living in Glint is kinda like living in a tv show i remember from when i was back home. I think it was "Days of our Lives"? or some other soap opry.